Keep The Faith

DRESS: Moon River | SANDALS: J Crew

Let’s take about GROWTH and faith. To have faith is to believe unconditionally. Sometimes, this can be a hard concept. How can we just trust and know that things will be ok? It’s the faith and belief that fills our hearts and minds, and helps us get to the path. Agency is belief in our ability to stay on that path until we’ve arrived.

This was one of the best Easters that I’ve had because my faith is getting stronger. It was the first holiday co-hosted alongside my love in our new home.  I was surrounded by so much warmth, we brought our two families together for the first time. Although there are a lot of changes with my own family, I feel grateful to have added to my circle.  I enjoy hosting holidays and seeing the people I love most in this world happy and joyful. It brings me happiness just knowing I can make someone’s day brighter.