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Little Black Dress

Location: The Parker New York | Hair Styled by  Drybar | Photos by What The Doost  Little Black Dress by Forever 21,  SHOP NOW  There’s nothing sexier then wearing a little black dress that hugs all of your curves in the right places with a side of confidence. These days I need to opt for outfits that can carry me through a FULL day (aka 7am to 10pm) through the office, investor meetings, visiting brands, happy hour, dinner events and then evening activities. It’s been really hard to find dresses that feel sexy yet are still work and meeting appropriate. When Forever 21 approached me to collaborate for their new NYC store opening next to Penn Station I thought to myself “maybe I am not the right brand ambassador?”. I had a very narrow vision of what people typically think Forever 21 styles offer, and girl I was wrong! Their collections are extremely versatile, stylish and there is something for everyone (literally) - no matter what “style” you identify

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