Tuesday, August 30, 2016

IBIZA Sunrise


DRESS: Ashley Stewart | JEWELERY: Handmade in Ibiza + Diamonds Unleashed | LIPSTICK: Urban Decay, Vice Collection 

Barcelona was #1 on my Mom’s bucket list, IBIZA has always been #1 on mine. I have longed to go to this island since I was about 15 years old. I grew up listening to House Music (EDM), sneaking into “lime light” (which is now a shopping mall in Chelsea), PACHA, Space, HOME and so many others. I love to dance, I love music and IBIZA is where the electronic/ drum & base sound originally started. The best DJ’s all over the world play in Ibiza, surrounded by the most beautiful people. The island is absolutely breath taking. Flying over it by plane, all you see are yachts sprinkled in the clear water like mini dominos. 

IBIZA Town is so charming! Located right on the Mediterranean by the port (where every yacht is pulled up throwing the craziest parties and people hopping from boat to boat). The shopping is KILLER in this town. Handmade jewelry, an amazing selection of pearls, handbags and chic European style resort wear fill the streets. Everyone is out of the page of a magazine, dressed to kill (or hardly wearing anything at all since every beach is nude or topless). The air felt so calming, so relaxing like nothing else was more important then being in that moment. 

I originally planned to hit IBIZA solo, but mi Madre decided she would like to join. Everyone keeps telling me I am crazy for brining my mom to IBZA, but what most people don’t know is she has worked in music/radio industry for 25 years. She’s met almost every artist under the sun, personally loves David Guetta and she can break it down on the dance floor. So… why NOT take my mom? She’s totally cooler then me, partner in crime and in wine. We hit Pacha (a personal club favorite of mine) to hear DJ Solomun Spin, which was insane. 

These are photos snapped by me on my iPhone 6 

Our weekend in IBIZA was like a beautiful world-wind of magic. Basically no sleep at all haha but worth every minute. The beaches are B E Y O N D amazing, I am a total beach bum and can literally be in the water for hours. We boated off to La Formentera Island on Sunday, about an hour away from IBIZA for a special beach party. This island took my breathe away, it was straight out of a movie. The people were friendly, everyone is there to have a good time. I always live by the expression “everyone is responsible for their own good time”. Positive energy, good karma and happiness follows me wherever I go. 

This was the BEST weekend of my life…like totally. Not sure how it can be topped, but back in Barcelona and more adventures to come! xo


Friday, August 26, 2016

The Sagrada Familia

Location: Barcelona | Photographer: NeNe


DRESS: ASOS | SHOES: Rampage | SCARF: Lexicon of Style | NECKLACE: Handmade, Barcelona | RING: Vintage 

Seriously this is probably the most fulfilling trip I have ever taken in my life. A few months ago I decided to plan a European getaway to close out the Summer with my mom. I have been through so many changes over the past year with work, love, faith, pretty much finding my own path. I’ve always wanted to do a fun mother daughter bonding trip, we are both work-a-holics and Spain was always on her bucket list. I decided life is too short, we all work so hard, and we DESERVED some girl time away to play. 

Barcelona was probably the best decision I made. (finally listening to my mom after all of these years, haha) This city is simply magical. It truly blows away other European cities I have visited because of the distinct culture and insane artwork that I have longed to visit my entire life. The people are extremely friendly, the food is AMAZING and the artwork will blow your mind (contemporary, modern, gothic, pop and art street art). Did I mention the entire city CLOSES everyday at 3pm for a “siesta”… I mean this city was truly made for me. If you are a night owl, and thrive in the magical winding roads of the Gothic Quarter dancing away till 4am drinking Sangria this is definitely the place to visit. Now I don’t want to give too much away on my first post, I have so many fun adventures, stories and outfits (GIRLLLL, the outfits!!) to share with you. 

These are photos snapped by me on my iPhone 6 

I decided to post The Sagrada Familia first because I had a magic moment today. I was really not expecting the type of reaction my mind had when I walked into those doors. Of course I heard about it for years, read about it in text books, even had lessons in Art school based upon this work. The outside is simply astonishing,  I couldn’t believe construction started in 1892. All those years and its STILL not done, they have plans to complete the towers and make a bridge, estimating at completion around 2026. When I had the chance to finally step inside after learning about Antoni Gaudi and seeing every detail on the exterior up close it was magical. I literally stepped inside, starred up at the magnificent ceiling right at sunset and started crying. I am not a mushy person, this was literally just so beautiful I did not have words. 
The entire building was glowing with color from the multi stained glass windows. The columns and ceiling structure were nothing like I have ever seen before. If you have a love for art, development, artitecture, fashion then this is something you MUST SEE in person at least once in your life. Gaudi was such a genius madman, I got to see his original development plans + models (some made of string and weighted sand balloons), just mind blowing. 

Today was a day I will never forget, glad I got to share it with you xo