Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring 14 Lust List

Spring is beginning to bloom, every major mag is buzzing about the top trends of the season, and we are ready for some major retail therapy! Let's start with the essential basics on my "Lust List" to keep you on point and target for your next shopping trip. 

The most important staple in your spring wardrobe should be the classic "sundress". You might have noticed, I basically live in a dress (all year round)… I am not much of a jeans and sweater kind of gal. I have specific summer/spring/fall/winter frocks, but this spring 14 is all about light weight fabrics. Bring on the geometric, floral, beachy and striped prints.  Free People is the official queen of the sundress, effortless and chic with some sheer sleeve detail. I also love this Trina Turk tank dress because it's so easy to throw on day to night. You don't have to break the bank to have style either! This Forever21 curve back cut-out daisy skater dress is also a great look for a low cost. 

YES YES ok I admit, I wasn't a fan of the block heel either when the trend 1st appeared, but it really grew on me.  More importantly, I actually wore a pair and realized just how damn comfy they are compared to a "shoeicide" stiletto! Now I am fully committed to the block heel. They pair great with denim, long skirt with a sexy slit, sundress, maxi or event a power suit in the office. My fav pair on this trend board are from ZARA with a totally reasonable price tag… they also have a blue pair I am lusting over. I also like the metallic leather from J Crew and casual mint/nuede block from Charles David.  Hey Now!! I bet you already caught on to the flats, why would I pick inexpensive heels and bank breakers on the ballets? Well it's actually really simple. Trendy heels come and go from season to season, but flats are eternal. Stop spending your money on crazy expensive 1 season heels and invest in a ballet flat that you will have in your wardrobe for years. By the way… I still have to take my own advice on this one. I have to take a big gulp before I can even consider spending the dough on these Valentino's BUT I would literally wear them almost everyday.  Think longevity. 

Bring on the spring bling! You know the expression "less is more"… well let's just throw that out the window this season. Layer and layers of thin chain pendants, chunky gold rings (by For Every Bella), and bangle stacks up the arm by Child of Royals (even on both sides).  I am about the turquoise, bold stones, and all things gold.  The necklaces are all by Freida Rothman, this is one of my favorite styling sets for spring 14, I can't resist a statement pendant. Jewelry is so important to my style because it can literally transform any outfit into something amazing. Even a basic white oxford shirt with a statement necklace makes all the difference. I feel naked without it! My best bling advice is to shop for 3 classic pieces ( a nice set of rings, stud earring, bangle, or 18" necklace) and build/layer around it. 

Just picture me dancing around my bedroom to Beyonce's Flawless. Ladies, let him think we woke up like this! I pretty much wear the same cosmetic products every single day. I couldn't live without basic waterproof liner (I am now trying some colored options), mini vasaline for my lips, even a little conturing on my face between Mac's nylon shadow on my upper cheek bone/ darker blush. Don't go crazy on this now! I have seen too many conturing attempts go wrong, give it a trial run before you step out this weekend. 

I am also completely crazy about my new red locks, and want to take good care of them which is why I highly suggest this Redken color stay sun spray.  Every 3 days I also switch my normal color protective suds for the Aveda Dry Remedy set, it does WONDERS and your hair will feel like silk. Did I mention spring 14 is all about the bangs? Don't be affraid to take a chance on them! Worst case senerio if you hate them is to grow them back out. Expierement with different bang styles; side swept, straight across, chopped, or fringe. 

Ready, set, go! Get your Spring shop on… hope this list prepared you (and your credit card) for some damage. 


Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Fling

Spring is finally here! Now I am just waiting for some warmer weather and sunshine to follow. The best spring statement this season is of course the classic floral print. I love this dark floral skater dress because it's casual enough for everyday, and can easily be transformed into an office look. I paired it with a navy cropped blazer, black tights, and nude booties. I can't wait for the day that I can walk out of the house without tights! (hopefully soon) 

The white enamel fleur de lis studs, matte gold bangle stack, 4 points 16 inch necklace, luxure teardrop stone chain, and "Hampton" statement ring are all by Freida Rothman. I know your peepin that awesome southwestern spring mani! I think it's so fun to add in a touch of color and print… even on your nails. I never use nail stickers or nail wraps, these designs are all hand painted. Saving my best accessory for last, my hair. The violet red bob with bangs was created by Hamza from the fab A La Mode Salon in Brooklyn. (my new staple spot) I've really gotten used to the red and bangs, change is always a good thing.  

Dress: Forever 21 | Blazer: Forever 21 | Booties: Forever 21 | Jewelry: Freida Rothman 

For me spring'14 is about making positive changes, surrounding myself with good people (who share my same ethics and vision), knowing my self worth, and never settling for anything less. What's your spring motivation?


Sunday, March 16, 2014

LuLus & Libations

Hoboken is known for being one of the biggest party towns in New Jersey, packed with young business professionals and bars/restaurants on every corner. When the W Hotel came to town in 2009 everyone was pleasantly surprised.  The chic hotel offered a taste of Manhattan without actually having to go into the city. Bar hoping is always a good time in "Le Boke" but it gets old fast, the EMM Group created a space and experience that combines a little bit of everything.  

I had the opportunity to check out the newly renovated space LULU's (formerly known as the Chandelier  Room) last night and it was definitely an experience like no other. First of all, where else can you party and overlook the most amazing view of Manhattan? The lounge completely transformed since the last time I was there for brunch, it looked so much bigger! I loved the vertical black and white stripes on the walls, crystal chandeliers, and funky fashion art throughout the club. (Specifically the topless Kate Moss shot by Mario Testimo & the Marilyn Monroe shot by Bert Stern). 

When I arrived to LULU's last night around 11:30 the venue was PACKED with a good group/mix of people. I was even surprised to see how crowded it was upstairs, every table was filled and the music was a mix of hip hop and house (by a cool female DJ).  Our table was located in the corner by the bar with huge windows overlooking the city skyline. Every 20 minutes a new dancer would bust out the moves on a platform next to the right and it was the perfect amount of space without feeling overly crowded.  Our bottle hostess was a total doll, and normally I have to say bottle serves are almost always bitchy… but she was the sweetest thing and checked up on the table all night.  The entire staff was amazing and made sure we had a great time until the very end. 

LULU's is the perfect spot for a ladies night out, birthday party, or entertaining clients. I would highly suggest reserving a table ahead of time, as they are almost always packed. The dress code was fashionably chic, some girls were decked and others in jeans and heels. I decided to be St. Patty's day chic so I opted for this green cut-out dress, black blazer, and nude lace wedges. We danced the night away and had some amazing laughs, the best stress reliever EVER.  Overall, I think it is a great space I can't wait to go back, even though I am still dying this morning and probably will need 2 days to fully recover.  (This also describes some these blurry photos/action shots snapped with my phone from the night)

A very special thank you to the entire EMM group for a fabulous evening. 


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Going Green & Staying Chic

Naturally, I have a soft spot in my heart for St. Patrick's day because I am 50% Irish.  It gives us an excuse to party all weekend, drink beer, love all things green, and celebrate our "heritage".  There are a million parade's happening all month in New Jersey, and the big St. Patty's day parade in Manhattan on Monday (get ready morning commuters for crazy train rides).  I love any chance to dress up especially when it's a theme, but now that the college years are way over I think it's time to go green and still stay chic. I wanted to give you guys some cute outfit ideas for the weekend, without being overly obnoxious looking like your going to a frat party. 

Everything I picked out here, I would definitely wear and love! (I own a few of these) They are all different shades of green and still festive, but chic and classy at the same time. Even though a lot of my clothing is from Forever 21 & ASOS I always splurge on the accessories. I am IN LOVE with this Emily Cho bright green clutch, and of course lusting these Charlotte Olympia sling backs. 

Don't get me wrong, I am all for a "Kiss Me Im Irish T", green beads, and shamrock stickers. I advise my fellow fashionistas to stay away from the green/white tube socks, trucker hats, Kayne shades, and profane Ts (it's really not cute anymore). 

I hope everyone has a fun night out celebrating. Stay safe & Chic! 


Monday, March 10, 2014

Brunch Blues

After having a few jam packed work weeks, and even crazier personal life, this outfit post is long overdue! I think everyone on the East Cost is pretty sick of the never-ending winter weather (coming from a Christmas baby, you know it's serious).  It's been so crazy, I haven't even been making it to my favorite weekend brunches with the girls. This Sunday was all about letting go of the negative, and letting the light shine on better days coming.  I always find that dressing up changes my attitude and overall outlook on the day. Brighter colors put people in better spirits, and yesterday's burst of sunshine was exactly what I needed. 

This look was ALL about the accessories #AccessoryAddict is more like it. I fell in love with this major statement necklace from For Every Bella, which is this season's must have. This was the 1st time I wore this baby out, and the compliments kept coming all day. It is such a great piece for any occasion (day or night). Wether it's paired with a basic T and jeans, or a hot dress, this necklace makes the whole outfit come to life.  The shades are unisex Dolce & Gabbana aviators, I love them because the "hardware" on the temple mixes silver and gold. They are not overly obnoxious, but still have a bold presence. My rings are all by Freida Rothman, and I especially love this darling matte gold midi. The black and gold leather lambskin clutch is by Sienna Ray & Co. Saving the best for last, my new favorite Michael Kors black buckle booties… functional and fabulous. 

Necklace: For Every Bella | Sunnies: Dolce & Gabbana | Booties: Michael Kors | Bag: Sienna Ray
Dress & Leather/Sheer Jacket: Forever21

I can't wait for spring!!!