Friday, July 31, 2015


Location: Roosevelt Hollywood Hotel | 700 Hollywood Blvd, LA | PH: 323 856 1970

Ladies (and gents), I have been semi M.I.A. lately because of a very busy schedule, but I wanted to let everyone know what I've been up to. Let my start by saying, this is NOT a style post. This is an inside view and reality check into my life. I know it "looks" ultra glamours from pictures or instagram, and most of the time it is... but not always. Working in the fashion industry is tough, long hours, a lot of dedication, but for me it's following my dream. I can say I love what I do, and more importantly, I love the team around me. Especially KR (she is one kick-ass power woman who I admire), and no I am not paid to say that I actually mean it. 

This week Kara Ross + Joanne Heyman + and I headed to LA to host a very special event with Marie Claire Magazine for DIAMONDS UNLEASHED which is #ComingSoon. This trip was absolutely jam-packed from the moment we landed to the moment we left. Three days of intense work, entertaining, spreading our message/ brand initiate, and doing it with a smile. We met some of the top agents in the country, and some fab celebs & influencers along the way. Yes, sounds like a dream world! It was a lot of fun, very little time, and minimal sleep but definitely a trip to remember and the start to something wonderful spreading along the West Cost. 

We were host by an AMAZING staff  @ The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. This is literally my fav hotel in LA for a few reasons: 

1. The location is prime, you can get anywhere in the city within 15 minutes.

2. The hotel moves on NYC time (thank god), the service is simply exceptional. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure all of your needs are taken care of, they aim to please and will do what it takes to keep everyone happy and anticipate needs.  This is the perfect hotel for business, or a vacation/getaway. 

3. The property has 3 on site restaurants which are all fab, and who doesn't love having meetings poolside? Yes, it could be a little weird but HEY it's Cali! 

4. The rooms are huge, the showers are impeccable, and the beds are perfect for a great night's sleep. 

I am a hotel snob, especially when traveling for business because I am not here to hang at the pool. I have to conduct work, wifi needs to be fast, and I need to organize dinners/meetings/arrangements seamlessly with a staff that is friendly and "gets it". The Roosevelt Hollywood really did this with flying colors. I have to give a special thanks and shout out to the Director of Guest Services Bre, Sales Coordinator Francie, and an awesome Handler David. Thank you for making this trip a great success! xo 

The hotel is just really beautiful (and big), my favorite place is poolside. These pics were taken at 7am so naturally the rest of the hotel was sleeping, but Joanne and I were up and at it. I LOVE the fact that they offer coffee and wifi poolside in the mornings ;) Such a nice touch for early risers or people conducting business. 

Want to know a fun fact? This black "dress" I am wearing in the pictures above is actually a nightgown. I threw over a black jacket and layered on some Kara Ross jewels to add  a little sparkle. Tricks of the trade, pack some pieces that are multifunctional, it comes in handy! 

I KNOW I KNOW... you are dying to hear about DIAMONDS UNLEASHED and all the juicy celeb stories and pics. Let's just say my lips are sealed and you will have to stay tuned ;) 

I can only share a few for now....

...stay tunned 


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mirror Mirror #MiracleDress

Photos By: Dana Prigge,

Dress: New York & Co | Shoes: metrostyle | Snakeskin Cuff: Kara Ross NY | Lipgloss: Urban Decay
Mirror Mirror Cell Phone Case: Jermy Scott, MOSCHINO 

Talk about a fairytale one-dress-wonder! New York & Co. literally nailed the design term "Desk to Dinner" by creating a garment that is sold with a snap on tule skirt, easily removable to a sexy body con evening dress. BOOM, DONE, OVA...

I love this dress because it is feminine and pink, with a bit of fairytale fantasy. Dress up really never gets old to me. Fashion is not suppose to be taken so seriously, if you do not have fun along the way then what is the point? (right?!) This dress is perfect for a pear-shapped figure and fit for curves. The tule skirt hits just at the top of the waist, giving a slimming look. (yes please!) I paired the dress with my fav summer go-to metrostyle mint mules. They are so comfy and I love mixing in color. I chose a bold statement cuff adding in some more blue tones, and a pink lip color "Scandal" by Urban Decay. I swear by their new revolution line of lipgloss, it's amazing and actually stays on past 15 minutes. 

With my entire outfit mapped out, let's chat about the one accessory that usually gets the most attention to my look... MY PHONE CASE! lol I always choose to use a Jeremy Scott accessory for my iPhone because they are so much fun. Believe it or not I do get some slack for this, people say it is unprofessional or obnoxious, but I beg to differ. My phone cases have sparked more conversation then Facebook ;) I can't take myself too seriously or else I will loose who I am and what I stand for. Fashion is about being fun, having some edge, and doing all of this with a little humor. 

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Best of New York: Mad 46 Rooftop

Mad 46 Rooftop Lounge, The Roosevelt Hotel | 45 E 45th St, New York, NY 10017 
PH: 212 855 6095 

Recently renovated & looking freaking FAB, Mad 46 Rooftop Lounge takes the cake for my favorite after work happy hour spot. Mad 46 is located on the 19th floor of the Roosevelt Hotel, and it's nothing like the ordinary Manhattan rooftop. As you know, I am spending my summer checking out every trending rooftop and NOTHING is quite like this. Mad 46 is H U G E, the amount of outdoor space and 360 views of Manhattan are incredible. Unlike many "happy hour" spots (don't want to throw anyone under the bus), Mad 46 Rooftop's food is really good! They have a great light bites and happy hour menu. Normally, you would think Midtown might not have that much to offer, but you are wrong! 

The look is very uptown suit and tie, but the vibe is downtown casual and cool. The house mixed music (and some really fun throw backs!) will have you head nodding thought the evening. My absolute favorite part of this rooftop is when the sun starts to set and all of the colored lights come on + the city skyline illuminates front row and center. This review is based upon my actual experiences at this location, happy hour is where it's at. The crowd was mostly business professionals and large groups looking for a good time & to enjoy a few cocktails after work. 

We enjoyed a few pitchers of caipirinha (which was out-of-this world good), flat bread pizza, homemade guac, and these veggie pot stickers. Our service was amazing, even the bartender was a hoot and really entertaining. All around, Mad 46 is one of the best trending rooftops in Manhattan for happy hour. 


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Sunday, July 12, 2015

White Lilac #JBTravels

White Lilac Inn | 414 Central Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762 | PH: 732 449 0211 

The Angel Sleep T by Victoria Secret | Hot Pink Socks: Apye | Lipgloss: Urban Decay Revolution

There is nothing like kicking your feet up in comfy VS lounge clothes & enjoying the fresh air in New Jersey's very own Spring Lake. As I have mentioned, NJ has a lot to offer for a mini getaway out of Manhattan. The Hamptons are fabulous BUT far. Sometimes a girl just needs a quick 1 1/2 hour car ride to find some peace of mind.  Earlier this summer I hit the road with Daily Fashionsita to do just that, escape the craziness and have some girl time. 

I am a history buff by nature, so having the opportunity to stay at The White Lilac in Spring Lake was a treat for me. This Bed & Breakfast has been around since 1880, there are so many wonderful stories and pieces of history built into the walls. From the original owners of the property, to the "haunted" lilac sent on the staircase (inquire with Inn Keeper for more details),  and all of the original pictures/imagery on the walls. It's like taking a step back in time, but the rooms are updated to "beachy chic", and you are in walking distance to the ocean.  My favorite part about the property were the fabulous wrap-around private porches. I also very much enjoyed the morning breakfast prepared by the Inn Keeper, (not wild about her coffee, but I am a coffee snob). Needless to say the food was wonderful, and there is a Starbucks 5 minutes away if you need a fix. 

I recommend visiting the White Lilac for a romantic weekend away, or a ladies weekend of straight up R&R. It is extremely peaceful and low-key, everything you need to kick up your feet and refresh. 

... Stay tuned to see where Daily Fashionista & I are headed next! I'll give you a little hint, going to be TRES CHIC and ALL WHITE. xo 


Monday, July 6, 2015

Dusk Till Dawn #LoveLuLus

Photos By: Danna Prigge, 

Show Me the Anemone Turquoise Romper


One of the best possible Summer travel pieces in your suitcase this season is a romper. It's so easy to pack, it doesn't take up much space and you can wear it to dinner or the beach. This turquoise romper with an open back tassel tie and halter top front is by LuLus. I wore this piece last week during my adventure at the shore as a coverup over my bathing suit. It is extremely light-weight and I loved the color blue after a nice sun-kissed tan as I jumped some waves along the beach. 

This is a pretty bold and personal statement- a lot of you have been asking me about my current size and recent weight loss. I made the decision to change my life around 8 months ago due to some health issues, and I haven't looked back. I quit smoking, stopped eating unhealthy foods, and try to do cardio a few times a week. I am not a model and I will never be a size 2, but I do believe in staying healthy and feeling good in your own skin. I am a size 12, and not afraid or ashamed of my look. I am not perfect, and I am working on toning my body, and that is something very personal for me. 

The main goal of Blazers & Bellinis has always been to INSPIRE and EMPOWER other women. To promote healthy body image and confidence. We all have our insecurities, but overcoming them and looking in the mirror and loving yourself is what it's all about. Embrace your curves and imperfections, life is too short not not to love who you are. 

This particular outfit would have been considered out of my comfort zone a few months ago. Because I am taller and have a long torso and pear shape, I do not look like the model on the LuLus link. I love this romper because it has an elastic waist and the shorts are very "forgiving", this is a size XL and can work with many different body types. Take some risks and love the skin your in! #CelebrateYourSize