Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BISOU NYC: Nail Art Heaven

BISOU NY: 6 Spring Street, New York NY PH: 347.330.3477

There is no secret- I have a nail goddess and her name is Asami. I am crazy about my nails, actually more like a nail lunatic. I truly believe that your nails are 10 tiny canvases and should be a form of self-expression. I have been working in fashion (particularly accessories + jewelry) for a long time now and I feel that my nails are “my suit”. How can you present jewelry to someone if your nails are not done?! It’s part of my character, my personal style and how I express myself. I have been doing nail art manis for over 7 years now, before it was even considered a “cool thing” to do. People would just tell me I am crazy and it’s a waste of time, well guess what… It’s not and I am not planning on stopping anytime soon! 

I met the owner of BISOU NY (Asami) through a mutual friend who is just as crazy about her nails as I am with mine. I was going to another nail salon in NYC (I wont say the name) and they royally screwed up my nails, they felt so weak, and overall I did not like the customer service. As soon as I started working with Asami it was like nail magic INSTANTLY. She is not a “manicurist” she is an artist. Over the past year I would not let anyone else touch my nails. The best part is Asami opened her first JAPANESE NAIL ATELIER salon in Nolita (yes my favorite spot in NYC) a few months ago at 6 Spring Street

BISOU NY is a little slice of heaven. The interior is gorgeous black & white with accents of gold, very minimalistic style. Every single artist Asami hired is extremely talented and can make magic happen on your finger tips. Something very important to note: THIS IS NOT AN AVERAGE NAIL SALON OR MANICURE. BISOU NY only does Japanese gel and and specializes in designs. No pedis, no regular manis, just nail art. 

They are some of the most talented nail artists I have ever met, the work they are producing is incredible. You can show them ANY picture, a fashion collection, a piece of art and they can create something custom on your nails. (its beyond amazing) Yes, it does take some time- I am usually in there for at least 3 hours each visit, but I don’t mind as long as I can charge my phone/have good wifi and some green tea. 
Prices from from 50 onwards, BUT these gel nails last me almost a month each time so it’s totally worth it. 

Lastly, people always ask me “how are your nails so healthy?” . I have included a picture of my naked nails so you can see for yourself. BISOU NY does not “machine buff” off the gel, they are extremely careful with removals so my nails do not get damaged. The gel they use is “PARA GEL” and it has actually made my nails stronger over the past year. 

I get stopped about 5 times a day for my nails. I do not want to keep BISOU NY a secret, I am sharing my favorite spot because I truly believe in them. I love the work they do, every artist is super talented and you will not be disappointed. Did I mention Vogue, Refinery 29, and WWD also showed BISOU NY major love? 

If you do check it out please let me let me know and send me a pic of your nail art ;) 


Tuesday, March 14, 2017


 Location: Blushington Midtown West- Le Parker Meridien Hotel | 119 West 56th St 
Make an Appointment: PH 646 410 2208 

 Ok here it goes- I used to HATE getting my makeup done. Hair is another story, but makeup would never come out right. Every time I got my makeup done it was not what I wanted/ I didn’t feel like myself. My face was always too pale (not matching my body), and it was just “too much” as I don’t really wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis. Just a very simple beauty routine with my same few products. This has all recently changed thanks to BLUSHINGTON Makeup & Beauty Lounge. 

I first visited the Upper East Side location to interview UNLEASHED ambassador and friend Natasha Cornstein, CEO of BLUSHINGTON. She literally spent the time walking me through the BLUSHINGTON expiernce, all of their amazing products and HOW they give back to support women and entrepreneurs. The space is absolutely stunning, cotton candy pink + chandeliers and touches of gold elevate the scene (not your average “dry bar esq” feel). 

I wanted to support BLUSHINGTON on my own time, so I booked my first “full face” makeup application at the Midtown West, located inside the Le Parker Meridien Hotel. This first experience was absolutely on point, I literally felt like I was getting ready to go out for the night with my girlfriends. Champagne, five star treatment and a beautiful atmosphere to boot. Not to mention my artist LISTENED to every word I said, and took the time to blend and match my skin perfectly. She worked quickly and effectively, yet I did not feel rushed. I really loved the end results, you can see the before picture here too (don’t judge me without makeup!). 

I liked the fact that everyone was so professional and friendly, they seemed to be enjoying their jobs and it was a positive and fun environment. I also learned SO MUCH about new makeup products, and even purchased a few since my last applications (Stila conceler and now addicted to Jouer Lip-glosses). I have literally gone back about 4 more times in the past few weeks, I am a BLUSHINGTON addict! It is affordable, they use amazing products and it's about the experience. Check out their services HERE- they even offer a monthly package known as "Carte Blush" which is $250 a month for *unlimited* applications (yes thats right, UNLIMITED)
Ladies you have to check it out, I wouldn’t steer you wrong. 

“Feeling Pretty is Priceless”- BLUSHINGTON Founder, Stephanie Maron 


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Notes to My 22 Year Old Self


DRESS: Zara | BOOTS: Zara | CLUTCH: Kara Ross Heritage | CHOKER: Unleashed x Serena Williams | CELL CASE: Kate Spade | LIPGLOSS: Skinny Dip, JOUER

The past few posts we have talked about fashion and style trends (this is a style blog, after-all), but today I want to get a little personal with you. I have been having a great time in work, especially when I get to interview ROCKSTAR women/entrepreneurs/mothers and overall bad-ass babes in a live stream series called “DIAMONDS FOR BREAKFAST”. It’s basically a morning segment that allows them to share their “gems of knowledge” and wisdom on the spot. One question I always ask is, “what is a piece of advice wish someone told you 10 years ago?”. I think it’s extremely valuable to learn from your mistakes, your successes and share that knowledge to the next generation. I am 28 years old now (not 30 yet, totally not rushing it), so here are 10 pieces of advice I wish I could tell my 22 year-old self...


Taking care of yourself goes way beyond the physical sense, but also emotionally and spiritually. When I was about 22-23 years old I totally ran myself into the ground because I was not taking care of my health. Your health is your wealth, if you are not sleeping/eating/exercising/mediating and making time for YOU, then you will never be able to achieve great success. I totally burnt myself out and that was not fun.  I was always extremely hard on myself, a perfectionist. I would say ease up, make time for things that bring you joy (outside of work and money), be well-rounded and enjoy the little things. Challenge yourself physically and mentally. 


People always tell me “that’s so much easier said then done”. Honey, I am not denying it, but its TOTALLY do-able. What do you enjoy? What are you good at? What truly brings you happiness? Write it down on paper, think about it, visualize yourself doing something that involves at least one of those three things. I am so lucky to be in a position that I love, that I enjoy, and that let’s me use my skills for good. It was a very long road coming and it didn’t happen overnight. Landing your dream job isn’t a one-shot deal. NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY. You have to be able to roll up your sleeves, and put in the work. 


Truth be told, when I was 22 I thought I would be rich + married + traveling the world by the time I was 28 haha! I thought I would have my life completely figured out, I thought I would have kids, I thought it would be much different. What I have learned is you can make plans, but life always has other plans for you. You have to be able to PIVOT and switch gears when necessary. Things do not happen overnight, and you have to learn to enjoy the journey. Just know that its OK to go at your own pace, one step at a time. 


Man I wish I knew this one a few years ago ladies. The equivalent of a 28 year old guy is a 21 year old boy. They do not know what they want and are not ready for commitment. Our parents grew up in a totally different age, where chivalry and romance still existed (a little bit still does today). You have to date slightly older to get the maturity level you are looking for in a partner. If you are smarter then your man, you are dating the wrong guy. I find it sexy when I can learn something from a guy. I find it sexy when a man is secure in his life, confident, loves his job and is not afraid to let his guard down. The world has completely changed and dating is not easy, but don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. THERE IS NO RUSH! Focus on yourself, your job, your happiness first. 


This is a tough one. We sometimes grow up with people in certain circles and feel that they will always be our best friends and love and support us. People change, point blank. If someone is not loving you, encouraging you, supporting you or bettering your life then let them go. YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TIBE. I surround myself with positive people. I have friends of all ages (literally 18-60) and all walks of life, millionaires and people just making ends meet. It’s important to keep your circle tight, be with people that lift your spirit and your mind. As you get older, you realize this more and more. Keep good company, you can still have many acquaintances but the core should be solid. 


My entire life my parents always hounded me to save my money. I never listened. I would work, get my paycheck and go shopping or blow my money out with friends. I really wish I listened to them a little more. Let’s put things in a clear perspective: every Friday night I would go out with my friends and spend $80-$100 when I was 22 bar hoping etc. If I skipped Friday and only went out one day during the weekend in about 5 weeks I could have brought a flight to Europe. Would you rather buy drinks/that new pair of shoes, or use your money on an experience? Traveling is the best possible thing you can do for your soul. Every year I go somewhere I have not been before. 


No matter what industry you are in, just remember that it’s a small world. Your reputation is everything, especially in a professional career. Don’t backstab anyone, alway be honest and most importantly don’t talk negatively about people. Nine times out of ten it will come back and bite you in the ass. Stay humble and gracious, even if you are not fond of someone keep it polite and simple. If someone comes to you and starts speaking negatively about someone, change the subject and do not get involved. Now don’t misunderstand me, I am not staying “be fake” but just be courteous. Something I have learned over the past few years, I DON’T DO DRAMA. I don’t like to talk badly about anyone, I wish no one harm. If you want to vent thats cool but I am not the person to do it with. 


I once had a boss that told me, “you have to be a little tougher, a little meaner, make them afraid of you”. I do not agree with that at all. I treat people the way I would want to be treated. Whether you are my intern or a top Fortune 500 CEO, I will always treat everyone with respect and be kind. I learned not to let people take advantage of me, and that was honestly one of my hardest life lessons. People often mistake kindness with weakness, and that is not the case. It’s important to know your worth and not to take any shit, but always be kind and lead with kindness. When you are a leader that is true, positive, and kind your staff will be more loyal and its proven they will actually work harder for you. 


From 2014-2017 I had some major life changes and so many important lessons. I was trying so hard to fit into a world I did not come from. I tried to play a role that just was not me. I learned that you have to always be yourself. When you are happy with yourself, other people will learn to love you just the way you are. It is important to constantly change and evolve, to better yourself, but never loose your quirkiness or little things that make you YOU. I don’t know everything and I am still changing, but it feels good because each day I am getting closer and closer to the woman I want to become. I owe so much of this to my amazing mentors. Once in particular, who took me under her wing, believed in me whole-heartedly and empowers/challenges me everyday…. you know who she is ;)


This is a lesson that everyone should take pretty seriously, especially when it comes to work and success. To be GREAT you have to be able to do everything, and do it well. Never think you will go to school and study a subject and then get a job only focusing on that. It’s not reality in 2017. You have to be able to be the first one in the office, the last one to leave and ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES. Do not wait to be told to do something, take initiative and just do it. Don’t complain, motivate the people around you and give it your all. 

I hope this post inspired you, more coming soon xo 


Monday, February 20, 2017

Silk Babydoll

DRESS: Anthropologie | LEGGINGS: Sara Blakey | BOOTS: Zara | BRACELET: Kara Ross | CHOKER: diy 

There is something so feminine and beautiful about a silk lace up dress, in the perfect shade of periwinkle. This baby doll button back beauty was a love at first moment, from Anthropologie. I have been crushing over bell sleeves, especially when they are sheer and silky. This look is a mix of my love for the 70’s with a 90’s twist and leather choker to match. 

I think everyone can agree this little taste of Spring should stay! I have been LOVING the 60+ degree weather in NYC, being able to run outside without a jacket is priceless. Spring 17 for me will be about textures, sweet fabrics and shades of blue. Cold shoulders, bell sleeves and empire waists are the way to go. Know you body shape and dress to accentuate your best features.  This look is also a great way to transition into Spring/Summer and start wearing your dresses, simply add a solid black legging or tights and booties. This dress (and the the entire Anthro website) is on my hot list. 

Until next time… xo 


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Proper Pleating


Skirt + Blouse + Boots: Zara | Scarf: Donni Charm | Jewelry: DU by KR & Kara Ross Heritage | Handbag: Neely & Chole 

Pleated jewel tone midi skirts, boxy blouses and neutral ankle booties are my fashion week go-tos. This entire outfit (head to toe) is by ZARA Women.  Ever hear of the expression, “put your hair up in a bun, drink some coffee and handle it”?…that’s pretty much the feeling here. February fashion week is brutal every year. No matter the rain, snow, sleet and slush the die hard runway lovers find a way to power through the madness (and freezing weather) to pay tribute to our industry greats. I’ve gotten to enjoy a handful of fabulous shows this weekend, crammed in back to back as I am preparing for an extremely busy work week. F/W 18 looks have been FUR-tasic, mixed with lots of dark jewel colors and leather to boot. I love the multi textural layering, sheer hints and high necklines we will be seeing more of next winter. 

In this total head to toe Zara style I am channeling simplistic Parisian vibes. I own this same pleated skirt in about 5 different color ways. Pleats are simply forgiving on any figure, high waisted flare skirts are flattering, and the boxy blouse can be worn tucked out or tucked in for a more tapered waist. I love the idea of substituting a cute neck scarf for my typical choker, this particular striped piece is by Donni Charm. Lastly, I have to GUSH over my new blue suede cross body bag. I have been looking for an everyday piece thats fun/colorful and can actually fit more then a lippy and my cell phone. I love Neely & Chloe bags because they are well-made every pieces for the New York working gal. 

Serving up some more street style soon! xo 


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

India Calling


VELVET CAPE & CLUTCH: JMD by Anjali Chawla (coming soon) | DRESS: Asos | JEWELRY: Diamonds Unleashed by KR | Shoes: Chanel 

I am kicking off New York Fashion Week with an international flare this season. INDIA CALLING! One of our fab DIAMONDS UNLEASHED Ambassadors Anjali Chawla is gearing up to launch her outwear + accessories line JMD. The collection will be launched first in Delhi,  then making it’s way to the states. I am loving this regal velvet and Swarovski trimmed cape. This is the perfect piece over an evening metallic dress (as styled here) or jeans and pumps. The JMD fur, mirror and embroidery clutch is fun and colorful. It captures the essence and culture of Indian style. I paired this look with bold DU mixed metal jewelry and classic Chanel pumps. 

India is a country with an ancient clothing design tradition, yet an emerging fashion industry.  I am getting to learn so much about the culture, traditions and social norms on India which is truly fascinating and exciting. I am enthralled by all things India including; the bright colors, the craftsmanship/artisan work and beautiful detail in textiles. 

This fashion week why not try something different? Stand out from the crowd and find your own personal style. Lot’s more happening in India coming soon, can’t wait to share with you!