Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Blue Jean Baby #TheLimited

Location: New Jersey | Photographer: NeNe 


You guys know me by now, it is a very rare occasion when you will catch me in jeans. These High Waist Jeggings made in New York are part of a very special denim collection by THE LIMITED launching July 27th, 2016 and here is a sneak peak! I was so excited to work with THE LIMITED on this collaboration because these jeans are amazing. There are so many different styles, washes and looks in the collection that you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit and style for your wardrobe.  These literally fit perfectly, accentuate all of the right curves and are probably the best fitting jeans I have ever owned. I love the dark wash because I think it can be dressed up or down, from the office to casual Friday’s in the park. I styled them with wedges, but they also look great with sandals or sneakers. Here is another great element, the dark wash does NOT run! (hands up emoji) I have worn them on several occasions and washed them, no messy dark wash on your white furniture. I recommend this style for curves + pair shaped body types. Shop the new collection HERE. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer so far! Stay tuned for more adventures and collaborations.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Loving Life in LuLus

Location; Southampton, NY | Photographer: LG 


DRESS: LULUS | Wedges: Michael Kors | Jewelry: Diamonds Unleashed 

This thing we call life really is a wild ride. I read a quote yesterday and it really made me think about how much I love and enjoy my life, whole heartidly. I have gone through some pretty tough personal times (as we all do), but I never let me them bring me down. When you consistently send out good energy in the world along with good intentions for others, amazing things start to happen. I feel so lucky to enjoy my Summer with wonderful friends on countless adventures. 

“Be thankful for all of the struggles you go through. They make you stronger, wiser and humble. Don’t let it break you, let it make you.”

I am thankful for every single aspect of my life. The good times, the really bad times, the people who have come in and out because at the end of the day it’s all relative and helped shape me into the person I am right now. Sometimes you have to start to ween out the people who don’t belong in your life anymore, but be thankful they were there for a particular time and reason. Be careful who you surround yourself with and what you focus your energy on. Every single thought projected out to the universe can have an effect. 

This shoot was extremely fun for me because I got to hang out in the Hamptons with one of my really close friends Daily Fashionista. As you get older, friendships get a little bit harder. People get busy with work, families and evolving. I have such a great support system and we will always have each others back. We frolicked around Southampton in our little LuLu’s sundresses. I love this blue and white paisley dress by LuLus, it is perfect for a Summer BBQ or even a beach cover-up. I accessorized my Summer look with denim Michael Kors espadrilles and Diamonds Unleashed gold jewels. 

Ending this post with an important call to action for you. Think about your life. Evaluate where you are right now and where you want to be. AND GO FOR IT … no holding back. xo 


Sunday, July 10, 2016


Location: Southampton, NY | Photographer: Daily Fashionista 


TOP: Serena Williams | PANTS: Serena Williams | NECKLACE: Diamonds Unleashed | CUFF & RING: Diamonds Unleashed for Serena Williams *coming soon* 

First can I start by saying that Serena Williams is SUCH a badass powerhouse! Talk about an amazing role model for women, she is a champion and brilliant entrepreneur who challenges herself on and off the court. Congrats to Serena for winning her 22nd grand slam title at Wimbledon! She is bold, authentically fearless and consistently goes after what she wants in life. I am amazed by her creativity and ability to tackle anything that comes her way. 

What’s next for this powerful boss lady? How about an incredible athlesuire line for HSN! I love this look because it is extremely comfortable, so comfy that I feel like I am wearing Pajamas. I can wear it to work out, and then simply throw on a pair of stilettos and some jewels and G2G (good to go). This Jersey mesh hi-low hem tee will become your wardrobe staple. Easy to throw on, an the mesh sleeves gives it an added edgy streetwear feel. The distressed french terry pants are true to size, and you can style them down as a legging or lift up the ankles for a sporty vibe. Check out her full Summer 2016 collection HERE

“Everyone's dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard.” - Serena Williams 


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pool Daze

Location; Southampton, NY | Photographer: LG 

SWIMSUIT: Swimsuits For All | SUNNIES: ASOS | NECKLACE: Diamonds Unleashed | COVER-UP: Hipknoties 

This past weekend I had the chance to escape the city with one of my besties (Daily Fashionista) and hit Southampton for some summer fun. It felt so good to be out of the city and just C H I L L O U T. Everyone needs a little recharge and time to unwind with friends who are like family. I love the Hamptons, literally everything about it. The air is fresh, there are actual TREES and nature, the beaches are beautiful and everyone stepped out of the pages in Hamptons Magazine (literally). My Fourth of July was filled with good food, great music and lots off sun + pool time. Speaking of the Fourth, it was actually pretty liberating on the whole “independence” front. Sometimes you need to be alone to find out who you really are, and what you really want in life.  We are so lucky to live in a country that is free, we often take it for granted. We have the freedom to be whoever we want in life, to love whomever we chose and to build out our living legacies. 

I hit the pool in this FAB sexy black cut-out one piece from Swimsuits for All, having an Ashley Graham moment! I love this suit because I feel sexy and confident, it’s just the right amount of coverage. My ombre coverup is by Hipknoties, I am OBSESSED with this brand. You can wear this piece 30 different ways, that’s right, I said 30 DIFFERENT WAYS. Talk about super efficient and multi-tasking. This is a great piece for traveling, it doesn’t wrinkle and it can serve as so many different styles. 

Stay tuned for some more Southampton Summer adventures! 


Sunday, June 5, 2016


Location: Fashion District NYC 


Shoes: Secret Celebrity | Dress: Old Navy | Handbag: Kara Ross NY | Jewelry: Diamonds Unleashed | Scarf: Vintage Lipstick: Urban Decay, VICE Collection 

It officially feels like Summer, things are getting HOT HOT HOT! (and I love it, minus the humidity) Im going to share my little secret with you guys, it’s these super comfy SECRET CELEBRITY sandals by Camtrade Inc. After wearing heels all day in work, they feel like a little oasis on my feet. Instead of throwing on sneakers or average flip flops with no support, I can easily run around the city in these sandals. Plus they are really cute, and I love the metallic touches. I am gearing up for a 2 week Summer Euro adventure, with a lot of walking and site-seeing, so you can bet I will be bringing these babies to tear up the town. 

What’s on your Summer 16 wanderlust wish list?! I have a few things that I jotted down, and really hope to set some “Off Duty” time aside to have a little fun and piece of mind. 

  • Go to a polo match (CHECK, did that one this weekend!) 
  • Hit up the Hamptons beaches 
  • Dance the night away @ an outdoor concert 
  • Have a picnic in Central Park with friends 
  • Go sailing 
  • Trapeze school in Chelsea Piers 
  • Learn how to golf 
  • EURO TRIP!!! 

What’s on your list? xo


Sunday, May 22, 2016



Photographer: NeNe | Graffiti Artist @serringe


Sweater + Handbag + WalletPins  by SO SO HAPPY | Shoes: Teva | Bracelet & Rings: Diamonds Unleashed | Earrings: Wren & Glory | Fur Pom: Trina Turk 

I truly believe that fashion doesn’t always have to be so serious. On the weekends I like to be comfy and casual + play with my street style and wear pieces that I wouldn’t normally wear during the work week. I fell in love with the brand SO SO Happy at a recent press preview with Redlight PR. I was immediately drawn to the bright colors and positive message of the label. The company was created to support anti-bullying and promote self love. When I can wear something with a deeper meaning and great message it’s a game changer. SO SO Happy means to live life to the fullest, spread love to those around you, give back to your community and accept yourself and others without judgment as they are. A message of positivity is always at the center of the brand. Their hope is to encourage people to believe in themselves, to approach each day as a gift, and to never miss an opportunity to practice love, respect and kindness. Also, who the heck can resit a freaking adorable taco sweater?! 

The classic FLATFORM sandals are by Teva, the perfect wearable shoe made for Summer. I received these babies from a People Style Watch event to kick off the Summer season, along with a super cool DIY kit to personalize my sandals. I love the idea of creating something unique, and adding on my own details. I also had a great time swagging them out and getting creative. What do you think?