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Curvy Fit

Wearing NAYALI activewear 
This is me after having to take off training for 2 weeks feeling totally not sexy, or fit, or perfect. It was the first day that I got back into working out and felt semi like myself. I’m not a model, I’m not always confident, and I don’t always wake up with rainbows and sunshine. I work really hard to be present, conscious, and positive.  Working out/training for me is so important because it helps me be the best version of myself. 
Having a “curvy” figure is a challenging thing to navigate when I look for workout clothes and sports bras with actual support that are good looking. A friend told me about Nayali and I wanted to try it during a run (made for D cups & up). I like to feel like my curves are in the right places (and actually stay in place) during a workout. 
NAYALI, meaning feminine courage, was born from the glaring need for supportive activewear designed for real women. The brand is based upon body inclusivity, diversity, independence, and a…

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