Sunday, April 24, 2016

Prints & Platforms

Location: Midtown NYC | Photographer: Seef 7 

Jacket: Vintage Missoni | Dress: Haute Hippie | Shoes: Michael Kors | Handbag: Kara Ross NY

Life is too short to wearing boring clothes OR black all the time. As a New Yorker, we get stereotyped and people think the chic thing to do is wear all black. I am not against black, but I find it extremely un-creative & semi depressing. I on the other hand like to LIVE in color. Bright colors make me feel better, they add sunshine to a cloudy day. Do not be afraid to mix up your colors! There is no “wrong” or “right" in this situation. If you have the confidence to pull it off, then most likely you CAN. If you need a little extra color-coaching or tips, I’ve got you covered girl. 

The actual idea of “matching” is gone- throw it out the window. I like to start with 3 or 4 shades that contrast just enough to make it look absolutely intentional. Remember in grammar school you learned the color wheel? Think of complimentary colors as far neighbors, the color sitting on the opposite of the wheel wheel be the complimentary hue that will go great with your starting choice. For example- GREENS go perfect with PURPLES and YELLOWS look fab with VIOLETS. See what I mean? Different shades of one color also help tie in a cohesive element. Point blank don’t be afraid to step outside of the box, or color outside of the lines.

 I paired my colorful ensemble with a sky high nude platform pump. I am 5’8 without heels, with these babies on I’m well over 6ft. I never let my height dictate my heels, just because your tall does not mean you have to resort to flats. At the end of the day it really comes down to confidence. Hold your head up high, you have unlimited potential. 

Can’t wait to see your color mixing! Until next time ...


Sunday, April 17, 2016


Location: High Line, Chelsea | Photographer: Seef 7 

Off The Shoulder Dress & Nude Belt: H&M | Slides: Mari A | Bag: Old Navy 
Hair by Alex, 23rd Street Salon NYC

You know that perfect hour of light right before the sun sets over the city? I like to call it the “gold hour”, it’s my favorite time to be outside and take in all of the beautiful colors in the sky. My favorite place in NYC is definitely the high line, it draws inspiration and is my sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This weekend it FINALLY started to feel like Spring, and I took advantage of the weather with my wardrobe. I have been waiting to wear this casual cotton off-the-shoulders “seƱorita” esq dress. I belted it above the waistline to create a shape and define my curves. This dress literally made me feel like a real life emoji! I wore these casual and comfy Mari A double band slides (so happy to retire my boots for the season!), and a colorful straw pom-pom tote. 

Who else is ready for Summer?! Bring on the rooftop brunches, beach days, high line adventures and BBQs. I CAN’T WAIT! Planning to travel this Summer? DM or email me on packing tips and style advice for your trip. 


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Inspire & Empower



Ivory Cape Blazer by DIAMONDS UNLEASHED x Project Gravitas launching April 12, 2016 

Dress: ASOS | Elsa Gladiator Sandal: Mari A | Necklace: DIAMONDS UNLEASHED 

Every woman should have that confidence booster go-to piece in their closet. My new wardrobe staple is an amazing cape blazer in collaboration between Diamonds Unleashed and Project Gravitas. You can literally wear this cape with ANYTHING, it is extremely flattering and makes you feel like an everyday superwoman. The first co-branded Diamonds Unleashed outerwear piece, the Diamonds Unleashed x Project Gravitas Cape Blazer will retail for $295 (20% of the proceeds from each sale will go to Diamonds Unleashed which supports non-profit partners Girls Who Code and She’s the First) and will be available in Ivory and Black. 

Looking good and giving back to support women's education makes it an easy win-win! The inside lining of the cape features our Diamonds Unleashed women's empowerment symbol, interpreted in a beautiful repeating pattern. The symbol is two diamonds, one elevating outside the other, those two shapes together form a heart. The heart symbolizes the unifying philanthropic power of women helping women, to help create the next generation of strong female leaders.

Diamonds Unleashed celebrates women’s strength, independence and solidarity while supporting organizations that empower women around the world. The brand is brought to life through collections of jewelry and other products, a platform of compelling content, and a powerful network of influential ambassadors who’ve joined in the movement; Lisa Sun, founder of Project Gravitas being one of them. 
This gorg cape will be available as of April 12th so mark you calendars dolls! 

I paired this casually chic outfit with some fun suede gladiator sandals by Mari A. I am obsessed with fringe and anything "cut-out" or "cage" for Spring 2016. Not only are these sandals comfy and cute, but they are perfect for the office or a dinner date. I am all about giving back these days, it feels so good to help empower other women! On that note, I have teamed up with Mari A for an official giveaway on my IG account THIS SATURDAY 3/26. If you love these shoes and want a pair of your own, follow me on instagram for more details @jaclynnbrennan. 

Until next time xo 

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Ildi Pekar Skin Care | 315 Madison Ave, Suite 2600 | PH: 212 682 6080

When was the last time you had a deep cleansing facial? Can't remember? That means it's been way to long! "Your skin is your best accessory", directly quoted from master esthetician Ildi Pekar. I had the pleasure meeting Ildi last weekend for one of the BEST cleansing facials I have ever had. Whether it's your first time, or you are seasoned in the beauty world, she has an incredible amount of knowledge and professional that are incomparable to my past experiences. One of the best points about Ildi is her great passion for skin care and love for her clients. It's SUCH A PLEASURE to work with positive people that truly enjoy their job. 

Deep cleansing facials are usually not always so pleasant because of extractions and steam. Ildi used an amazing facial massage technique to open my pores and relax my facial muscles which made a huge difference. After the facial I did not have much redness, and my skin felt moisturized and glowing. 

Ildi Pekar's training is deeply rooted from her cultural experiences and education as a native of Budapest, Hungary. Obvi we know Budapest is known for it's famous skincare treatments, hot spring saunas and therapies...can we say dream trip coming soon?! The I.Pekar skin line uses natural ingredients carefully crafted. 

I highly recommend Ildi Pekar for your next facial. Stay golden and glowing ;) 


Monday, February 29, 2016

Brighten UP

Liberty Marina, Photographer: NeNe

Dress: metrostyle | Shoes: metrostyle | Blazer: Zara | Fur Vest: Adrienne Landau 
Briefcase: Kate Spade | Jewelry: DIAMONDS UNLEASHED | iPhone Case: Valfre

Longing for sunshine that lasts past 5pm? ME TOO! I can not wait for Spring and the nice weather. Don't get me wrong, I love my fur and layers, but enough is enough. I am ready for a little sunny stroll on the high-line, picnic parties in Central Park and happy hour on a rooftop. When the weather is consistently raining and dark, it seems to put all of New York in a funk. Not everyone is going to be smiling rainbows all day, but I've learned there are a few tricks to get you out of your Winter slump. It is ALL ABOUT COLOR, if you dress bright and glorious, you are most likely to have a great day. 

Brighten it up baby! 

I love layering my Winter looks because I am constantly running in and out between hot and cold. This sleek and sexy color block dress and heels are by metrosyle. I layered on a matching red cropped blazer by Zara for a business chic style. I added this FUR-tasic multi colored fox vest by Adrienne Landu, which I adore. I try not to take myself (or my style) too seriously, so naturally I paired a fun obnoxious phone case by Valfre for my full look. It resembles a spray can and says "basic repellant"..get it? #NotBasic 

I came across this great article in HUFF POST & wanted to share. Get out of your Winter funk! Here are a few steps to brighten up your day ;) Spring is right around the corner!

Step 1:
Stop Complaining!
It doesn't matter what it may be about, just STOP. It's not doing you any favours whatsoever. It may seem tempting to keep moaning, but it doesn't help anything, especially your mood!. Also try and stay clear of other moaners, last thing you want to be doing is heading the' moaning about absolutely everything' club! Sometimes we don't even realize we are moaning, we just do it automatically, so take notice of what you predominantly talk about, and make an active effort to focus on good stuff instead. 

Step 2:
Focus On Gratitude
What are you genuinely grateful for in your life? There is always something to be grateful, for no matter what. Even if it was years ago!. Make a list of at least 10 things which you are really grateful for, and watch how this list grows the more you focus on everything. I highly encourage adding to the list every day, perhaps 10 things each evening before you go to bed. The more we focus on positive things, the more this energy grows and flows! yeah baby!! 

Step 3:
What was the last thing which happened that made you do a proper belly laugh? have a think about what it was, and watch how it instantly makes you smile again! it doesn't matter how long ago it was, think about it, and watch how it brings back that playful fun energy again! Failing that, have a look at some hilarious video clips or watch a comedy movie, listen to your fav comedian! hell do whatever it takes to make you flash that gorgeous smile of yours! 

Step 4:
This may sound a little cliche, but it's not. Think about someone you absolutely adore. It doesn't matter who it is, gosh it might be someone you haven't even met! Think about all of the qualities you love about them, and how your heart opens at just the thought of them. Take 5 minutes to appreciate all of the wonderful gifts they bring to you. Imagine them in your mind, and sending lots of love direct from your heart to theirs. 

Step 5:
Have fun. It is so important to have fun, and yet so often we can forget!. Think of the most silliest joke you can, and share it with one of your friends or co-workers!. Take a dance lesson or enroll on a course in a subject which is totally different to what you would usually do. The main thing is to have so much fun! let your inner child come out to play! how long have they been shut away and in a boring world of same old same old? well now is the chance to let loose and have some fun!

...Until next time xo 


Saturday, February 20, 2016

What Motivates You?

Liberty State Park, Photographer: NeNe

Denim Dres: ASOS | Heels: ASOS | Handbag: FURLA | Jewelry: DIAMONDS UNLEASHED 
Vintage scarf 

What motivates you? Such a simple question (right?!).. well, not really. I seem to be asked this question a few times a week, and sometimes it is extremely hard to narrow it down into one short and concise answer. After-all, that is a pretty big broad question. Did you know that you will most likely be asked this question at your next job interview, business function, grad school application, or deep convo with your peers? Let me do you a favor. 

I officially challenge you to reflect and dig deep for the answer.  

I am motivated everyday by my ambition, and endless opportunities to fearlessly pursue my dreams. My family and loved ones, commitment to success and exceeding people's exceptions drive it home.  Of course money is always a motivation, to see the outcome of your hard work pay off, but it is not the key factor.  I am motivated by a challenge and constant progress, thats what makes me tick. 

Understanding what motivates you will help you consciously work harder and more efficiently to achieve your goals. Now go out there and kick some ass this week #MondayMotivation