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My Breakup, NYFW

WHAT I’M WEARING   SKIRT: Boohoo | JACKET: Zara | TOP: Unleashed World | BOOTS: Jerome C. Rousseau | HANDBAG: Kara Ross Heritage | SUNNIES: Ray Ban | JEWLERY: Unleashed & Freida Rothman 
I came, I saw, I conquered…NYFW I love you but I’m happy our affair is finally over. We are officially done. Fashion week is exciting, stressful and fabulous all at the same time. I have been attending NYFW for 12 years now (damn I’m getting old!) and boy has it changed. My very first fashion show was at Bryant Park in the big famous white tents, it used to be super exclusive and ONLY for industry people. I was so excited to be there, the energy was amazing, it was the best day of my 17 year old life. It then moved to Lincoln Center, which was fun but just different. NOW it’s all over the place, scattered throughout the city which is extremely difficult. I hate to sound cynical, but I think the world of fashion is drastically changing. Virtual reality, live streaming and content is slowly but surely…

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