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Connecting Thread: Behind the Scenes, Making of a Documentary

These photos were shot with my iPhone | Behind the scenes sneak peak at the making of UNLEASHED by Kara Ross  #ConnectingThread Episode 2: Foster Pride for Refinery 29 | LOCATION: New York City 
The past week and a half we have been filming the second episode of #ConnectingThread for UNLEASHED. All I can say is, these stories are POWERFUL. This has been an exciting, challenging, and highly emotional journey into the US Foster Care system. Something that I quite frankly didn’t understand until I started spending time with our subjects and spending time at a “GROUP HOME” in New York City for youth in the system. The home is run through an organization called Good Shepard, and they are dedicated to helping these girls in every way possible. These girls have become my heroes, they are inspiring in so many ways. They are dedicated to bettering their lives and taking advantage of opportunities that come their way, such as education and art. They have faced so many hardships and challenges, …

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