Sunday, May 22, 2016



Photographer: NeNe | Graffiti Artist @serringe


Sweater + Handbag + WalletPins  by SO SO HAPPY | Shoes: Teva | Bracelet & Rings: Diamonds Unleashed | Earrings: Wren & Glory | Fur Pom: Trina Turk 

I truly believe that fashion doesn’t always have to be so serious. On the weekends I like to be comfy and casual + play with my street style and wear pieces that I wouldn’t normally wear during the work week. I fell in love with the brand SO SO Happy at a recent press preview with Redlight PR. I was immediately drawn to the bright colors and positive message of the label. The company was created to support anti-bullying and promote self love. When I can wear something with a deeper meaning and great message it’s a game changer. SO SO Happy means to live life to the fullest, spread love to those around you, give back to your community and accept yourself and others without judgment as they are. A message of positivity is always at the center of the brand. Their hope is to encourage people to believe in themselves, to approach each day as a gift, and to never miss an opportunity to practice love, respect and kindness. Also, who the heck can resit a freaking adorable taco sweater?! 

The classic FLATFORM sandals are by Teva, the perfect wearable shoe made for Summer. I received these babies from a People Style Watch event to kick off the Summer season, along with a super cool DIY kit to personalize my sandals. I love the idea of creating something unique, and adding on my own details. I also had a great time swagging them out and getting creative. What do you think? 


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Candy Crush

Photographer: NeNe


Dress: New York & Co | Handbag: Kintu NY | Shoes: ASOS | Jewelry: Diamonds Unleashed by Kara Ross
 Lipstick: Urban Decay VICE “Disobedient” | Cap: Amazon 

This look is really an “East meets West” coast concoction of color and street style. Mixing a very conservative body con- business dress with a fun leather hat and pointed toe pumps is a perfect way to transition your look from office to avant-garde. I can’t seem to say this enough: DO NOT BE AFRAID OF COLOR. Candy paint pastels are hot, who says you have to pick just one? 

I have been traveling a lot over the past few months. Packing is always a struggle for me, considering I normally change outfits at least 3 times day (I know that’s crazy, am I the only one?!). I had to learn efficiency and making a look last from  meetings to midnight cocktails with co-workers. Packing a few extra accessories can really help transform your wardrobe, and get more wears out of your staple piece. Baseball caps are EVERYTHING to me right now. The weather is getting nicer, it’s blocking sun from my face, I like the cool street-casual edge + it makes my blow out last an extra day. (done and done) 


Monday, May 9, 2016

MAY Flowers

Location: 28th & 10th ave NYC | Photographer NeNe 

Dress: metrostyle | Clutch: Kintu NY | Kicks: Jibs | Jewelry: Diamonds Unleashed by Kara Ross
Scarf (worn as bracelet) Mila & Such | Lipstick: Urban Decay VICE Collection "No Tell Motel"

April showers DO bring May flowers. What a beautiful time of the year to bring out colorful printed dresses and playful accessories with a story. My signature style, a mixed print fit and flare, will always be my go-to daytime chic look. I love this dress by metrostyle because it can be casual and fun with sneakers for brunch, or cocktail hour chic with a pair of heels and slicked back hair. 

I live in New York, my life is filled with adventure and I often have to get to places in a hurry. Yes, heels are fabulous and look great when pounding the fashion district like Carrie Bradshaw, but let’s keep it real. True street style is about not only looking great, but being authentic and showing a true everyday look. This is an actual outfit I wore this weekend while running some errands around Chelsea. These perforated metallic gold sneakers by The Jibs Life are my FAVORITE kicks currently in my wardrobe. I wear them to work, happy hour, or kicking it around town on the weekends. You can dress them up or down, and they get a lot of attention. Maybe I am a little bias because I know one of the founders and I am so proud to see the collection grow and flourish, but they really are comfortable and wonderful shoes made in Brazil by local artisans. They have so many fun colors and prints coming out for Summer, you have to check them out!

Speaking of the concrete jungle- how adorable is this Safari  clutch by Kintu New York? Knitu bags are made with 100% natural vegetable tanned leather, crafted in Italy and the hardware is made in Kenya. Founder, Sarah Nakintu, is a Diamonds Unleashed ambassador born and raised in Uganda. The brand is named after her father, inspired by her African heritage, global experiences and the street fashion of New York City. 

Now let’s chat JEWELS! (my favorite) See all of this diamond and gold goodness? Well get ready, this is a sneak peak of the DIAMONDS UNLEASHED by Kara Ross HSN Summer 2016 collection which will be available in June. I also mixed in some stunning 18k pieces from the #ShesBrilliant Neiman Marcus collection available now. 

I have to admit, I’ve given in to a new trend for Spring 16 known as the “wrist wrap”. I love the idea of tying a silk scarf on your wrist as a bracelet to add a pop of color to your look. This scarf is by a fantastic brand Mila and Such. It is a square (20”) silk scarf called “playful” that I wrapped up bandana style and tied. I love this company because the Founder tells such a beautiful and personal story in each piece. The story of her life, including immigration from Ukraine, creation of Mila & Such, as well as her survival and triumph over breast cancer. Using humor, instilling hope, and raising awareness of breast cancer in women of all ages. What’s more inspiring then that?! 

I will leave you with one last statement, PUT ON SOME RED LIPSTICK AND LIVE A LITTLE! I am obsessing over Urban Decay’s new VICE lipstick collection which will be available June 5th. Over 100 shades of pure perfection, with the best formulas that leave your lips soft and smooth, no cracks/creases and color that will literally give you life. This red is called “No Tell Motel” and I’ve made the commitment to wear Urban Decay all Summer long. #LipstickIsMyVice 

…Happy Shopping Loves! xo 


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Gaming Glam Glow #BeautyBiz


Happy Mother's Day weekend everyone! Tonight was a total netflix and chill situation with my mom. We decided to test out this fabulous new gravity mud mask I recently received at a press preview. Glam Glow has officially teamed up with Sega to create this limited edited product featuring Sonic the Hedgehog! Who remembers Sonic growing up? Well guess what, he is back and better then ever. Notice anything about the mask? IT IS THE EXACT PANTONE BLUE AS SONIC! Not only is this mask branded + packaged brilliantly, the ingredients are completely organic. The gravity mud masks master formula includes: Teaoxi Complex (to make skin feel firmer), Vizitight, Lunaflift (toned skin) and Cosmiplexion (resilient and refreshed). The formula is bright blue, as you see above in the jar, and when applied with the provided brush it slowly turned metallic as it dried on the skin. The consistancy was very thick, and overall it was not messy. Half way through applying one section of my face I felt a slight tingle, not painful, but a reaction to the product working and tightening on the spot. I left the mask on for approx. 20 minutes and then it was time to peel it off. Find a small section under your chin and work your way upwards. After the mask a quick rinse and VIOLA! Tighter, beautiful glowing skin. The product is meant to be used twice a week, I will keep everyone posted on the results. 

Sega x Glam Glow is tapping into an interesting market with this product. The beauty of MASKING + GAMING at the same damn time. What a great way to capture female gamers then to allure them with Sonic as they play. (kind of genius) Sonic has big plans over the next few months, with a large "Sonic Boom Fire & Ice" gaming release in September 2016 and a ton of fashion + beauty + even art collaborations rolling out. Way to make a come back!  What of you guys think of the mask, would you want to try it?