What Motivates You?

Liberty State Park, Photographer: NeNe

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Vintage scarf 

What motivates you? Such a simple question (right?!).. well, not really. I seem to be asked this question a few times a week, and sometimes it is extremely hard to narrow it down into one short and concise answer. After-all, that is a pretty big broad question. Did you know that you will most likely be asked this question at your next job interview, business function, grad school application, or deep convo with your peers? Let me do you a favor. 

I officially challenge you to reflect and dig deep for the answer.  

I am motivated everyday by my ambition, and endless opportunities to fearlessly pursue my dreams. My family and loved ones, commitment to success and exceeding people's exceptions drive it home.  Of course money is always a motivation, to see the outcome of your hard work pay off, but it is not the key factor.  I am motivated by a challenge and constant progress, thats what makes me tick. 

Understanding what motivates you will help you consciously work harder and more efficiently to achieve your goals. Now go out there and kick some ass this week #MondayMotivation