Power Pose


PANTS: Project Gravitas | TOP: Zara | VEST: Project Gravitas | NECKLACE: Ben Amun for DIAMONDS UNLEASHED | RINGS: DU by Kara Ross 

What a year 2017 has been so far. (aka one month of January) It’s been a bittersweet struggle and everything that was in place and comfortable has been completely turned up side down. From the US election, to personal things in my life and the direction of the future there has been an enormous amount of change and risk. What I have learned is that there are things that are out of my control, but the one thing I do have control of is my thoughts and inner strength. Now is a time MORE THEN EVER for badass women around the world to unite, join forces and do some good for our world. I feel motivated, strong, focused and ready to conquer things that come in my way. I’ve learned that you can PLAN things as much as you want, but life in general has it’s own plans for you. Being successful is also largely about being able to overcome adversity and being able to pivot or change when necessary. 

I started visualizing and manifesting what I want this year to look like. I started doing a lot of mediation and inner reflecting. How I can achieve these big dreams and plans? What changes I have to make in order to get there. Here is my POWER POSE wearing Project Gravitas, a company that inspires women to “own their moment” and feel good in their own skin. This is my moment, this is a time when I am diving whole heartily into my dreams and making it happen. This is a year when I will not take no for an answer, and a time when I want to dedicate my work to helping others.

Sometimes we get so caught up in things that are completely irrelevant to the end goal. We have too many things going on at once and it’s hard to see the bigger picture at the end of the tunnel. In this moment I am taking a deep breathe, putting everything aside that does support my goals. (Including people) Did you know how important your thoughts and words are? How they effect everyone around you, but most importantly how they effect your energy. Let’s make a conscious effort to visualize what we want and each day take the steps to get there. Let’s make an effort not to tear down your fellow friend or the woman sitting next to you, but empower her to be the best version of herself. Most importantly, let’s make this best BEST DAMN YEAR EVER. 

… here we go, will you join me?