Don't Underestimate Me

SHIRT: Millionaires | LEGGINGS: Lulu Lemon | SNEAKERS: Jibs | JACKET: Zara | SUNNIES: Boohoo | Backpack: French Connection | JEWELRY: Kara Ross  | MAKEUP: Eyebrows, Wunder2 Gel 

The conversation has become more clear- women are in a powerful place. We have the ability to speak our minds, stand up for our rights and break traditional societal norms. As a woman living in New York working hard and following my dreams, I have this long standing goal to inspire other women. To open their eyes and see their self worth, to love their bodies no matter what size and to not take any shit. To stop settling for men that are still so clearly lost on what they want, to stop working at a job you hate and to take the initiative to change anything that is not making you happy. 

Often times us strong women get labeled as “intimidating”, I am here to tell you never change who you are for someone else.  I can’t be anything else then myself, authentically at all times. I can’t bite my tongue or be fake. I know what I want and I go after it without hesitation. This self-confidence is something that is always evolving over time, growing into your own skin. I am eternally grateful to the wonderful women in my life who lift me up and empower me everyday. Sisterhood is an extremely powerful bond, and I am finally starting to see the change in the next generation of strong women. Instead of looking at other women as competition, let’s help each other grow and be our best selves. As women we take on so much, we multitask and handle it all. We have children, crush it in our careers, balance family and work life and are the glue that holds everything together.