30 Day Covenant: JB Journey Part 1

The past 31 days... (shot on my iPhone) 

Being vulnerable and letting my guard down is literally one of the hardest things in the WORLD for me. Fear of not being perfect, fear of what other people think, fear of what I look like. The past two years have been a total transformation in every aspect of my life. I made the commitment to change everything I knew, everything that was “comfortable”, and push myself into unknown territories. Nothing great happens from staying the same, greatness occurs from big change and risk. I’ve been pretty open about my spiritual, mental, and  physical journey the past two years (at least I thought), until a few people asked me what was the process. How did I really do it the “healthy” way, and what advice I can share with someone looking to start their own personal journey. I realized in order for me to do this, I have to let my guard down. I have to let people see me at not only my best (but my worst), and share the failures alongside the triumphs. It’s not easy, and I have had some slips and struggles because I am FAR from perfect. This is me keeping it real and wanting to help inspire other people.

One year ago I woke up, didn’t like the way I looked (or felt) even after loosing weight. I felt like I hit a road block or “peak” and I couldn’t get past a certain number on a scale or dress size. It was a crappy feeling because I always challenge myself to do better. I knew that I couldn’t do it alone anymore and I needed help. I was always a confident person and felt good in my skin, until I knew in my head that I wanted to not only look good, but become STRONG. Here is the first major misconception about dieting and exercise… don’t EVER do it for a number on a scale or a dress size. Do it to be mentally and physically STRONG. Once you start working out and gaining muscle, things will change/fluctuate but it’s not always about the number on the scale or the dress size. Secondly, starving yourself or just eating a salad is not going to help you, in fact that can slow down your metabolism and make it very difficult. Eating healthy, taking in the right amount of protein, and learning how to BALANCE is key. Before meeting my coaches I was doing it all wrong. I wish that I learned this sooner. 

Over a year ago I texted some friends that I was looking for a trainer. I literally had no idea what I was looking for LOL! I tried at least 3 different trainers ( 2 female trainers and 1 male) and all three experiences were god-awful. I always HATED going to the gym, especially the gym of the building I live in. I was highly intimated by all of the models, actors, other trainers and SUPER IN SHAPE people that had this “pact”. Everyone knew each other’s name, it was like a weird gym cult. No one made an impact until I met my trainer Corey Rouse. The first day I met Corey and explained I hated the gym he said “Oh don’t worry we are going to change that”. I explained the stuffy gym situation and my fears, he wasn’t even listening to me. The first day we trained together he literally had me crawling all over the gym in military moves ON THE FLOOR and “primal patterns”. I felt like a crazy person as everyone watched me struggle because I did not have the confidence or physical strength to do the moves. He got on the floor and did them with me (that was a game changer). He taught me not to care about everyone else in the room and focus on myself.  Corey became not only my trainer, but my personal cheerleader, motivator, and now one of my best friends. 

Over the next few months he would come to my apartment before the sun was even out, drag me downstairs, and literally kick my ass for an hour. The entire time I bitched and moaned and carried on, honestly I don’t even know how he put up with me haha! Every time he introduced a new move or exercise I rolled my eyes and complained, again, that does not help anyone. The thing I hated the most was the damn box step, I was so afraid of doing box jumps and falling on my face. I even cried one morning because I was so frustrated with myself and getting this move right. (talk about being vulnerable) But eventually, I got them, each time I jumped higher. Sometimes I WOULD fall, but I no longer let it stop me. Every day I got stronger. I started to feel my own strength and surprise myself. I remember that feeling one day when I was doing a basic push up, and it felt easy. I was so proud of myself. 

After 9 months of training, and finally seeing major results Corey introduced another game changer. A program of nutritional cleansing and fat burning protocol I needed to get to that next level. I started using them everyday and that became a huge pivotal point in my life. But, it wasn’t all perfect. Things became busier with work, my schedule got really hectic, I was stressed out and slipped on the eating and drinking for a point. It was hardened to get back on track, but I had to force myself to stick to a routine.  I even started traveling with my blender! haha I always have to keep reminding people that I am not perfect, my life is not glamorous. I do like to go out with my friends, I like to drink (I’m half Irish, dammit!), and I love carbs. The hardest part about all of this was finding a healthy balance of still enjoying + living my life and  being healthy… well at least during the week! I even found a new family, my “gym friends”. The same familiar faces that I saw every single morning, and now I look forward to seeing them everyday.

On January 8th Corey & my nutritional coach Kyle CHALLENGED me. I am a naturally competitive person, I rarely turn down a challenge. They asked me to take the #30DayCovenant which was the entire program I was already doing, but to the next level. Two hours of high intensity training 6 days a week, drinking alcohol only 1 day a week, and only 2 cheat meals per week for the next 31 days. It was HARD, some days were great and some days were a total struggle, but I did it. If I can do it, then you can do it too. These pics above were from the past 30 days shot on my iPhone by Corey & Kyle. They are not like the pictures you are used to me posting. They are not glamorous, I have no makeup on, and most of the time they are at 6am… so don’t judge me girl! I literally wanted to track my own progress and watch my body change, it’s incredible what you can do when you focus and commit. 

This is just the first step of sharing this journey with you. Corey + Kyle +myself have been putting together some AWESOME content to share with everyone. Pretty soon I will be sharing our workout moves, links to the nutritional products, and all the secrets to our success. 

If you have any questions or want to learn more about my journey email me BlazersandBellinis@gmail.com xo