Joie de Vivre

SHOES: Sas Shoes | SKIRT: Zara | SEQUIN SWEATER: Club Monaco | SILK BLOUSE: Equipment | READING GLASSES: Ray Ban | EARRINGS: Kara Ross Heritage | BACKPACK: Grafea London | NOTEBOOK: Mark & Graham 

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One of my best friends taught me a phrase this weekend “Joie de vivre” aka THE JOY OF LIVING. I’m stepping into a really critical time of my life, things are shifting around for me, and my priorities and goals have never been more clear. Turning 30 in 2018 is a huge deal, and although I am not exactly where I thought I would be, I have to take some time to step back and ENJOY everything in my life. I am beyond grateful for all of the experiences and adventures that got me to this point. I’m really proud of myself for giving each day 150% no matter what. I have learned exactly what I WANT and exactly what I don’t want. I’ve curated an amazing support system of friends that I surround myself with, and we lift each-other up daily. I’ve learned my worth, and what I bring to the table (personally & professionally). I’ve learned how to take care of myself, physically/mentally, and I’ve learned how to lead with compassion and kindness (without letting people take advantage). 

Reflection and goal setting is a very powerful tool my friends. Every few months I take some time to journal and write down my short and long term goals. I think about what I want in my life, I envision it happening, and each day I work towards it. I just looked at some of my old writings, and WOW I was blown away by what I accomplished the past few months. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper, and be open to all that the universe has to offer. One of the hardest/most beautiful things is learning it’s OK to lead a special and different kind of life. If you don’t fit into the “molds” or the normal/ordinary it’s ok. Special people often lead difficult lives. I’m not exactly sure of what is going to come next, but instead of being fearful for the unknown I am excited and grateful for all that is coming. If you have an internal bright light, you have to let it shine. 

Keep manifesting, keep envisioning what you want, keep writing down your goals. I am enjoying the art of living. I am grateful to have a purpose, passion, health and to be able to make my own happiness. I’ve never felt more powerful & strong (on a whole different energy frequency) then the past few months. I’m really excited for what the universe has in store...