Curvy Fit

Wearing NAYALI activewear 

This is me after having to take off training for 2 weeks feeling totally not sexy, or fit, or perfect. It was the first day that I got back into working out and felt semi like myself. I’m not a model, I’m not always confident, and I don’t always wake up with rainbows and sunshine. I work really hard to be present, conscious, and positive.  Working out/training for me is so important because it helps me be the best version of myself. 

Having a “curvy” figure is a challenging thing to navigate when I look for workout clothes and sports bras with actual support that are good looking. A friend told me about Nayali and I wanted to try it during a run (made for D cups & up). I like to feel like my curves are in the right places (and actually stay in place) during a workout. 

NAYALI, meaning feminine courage, was born from the glaring need for supportive activewear designed for real women. The brand is based upon body inclusivity, diversity, independence, and an active lifestyle. 
Their collection focuses on premium active, swim, and athleisure for fit women who are D-Cup & Up. Each piece is beautifully designed with thoughtful details & performance technology providing solutions for busty women. The collection focuses on women sizes XS-XL (0-18), while offering support to bust sizes of D Cup to G Cup currently. Items are wear-tested for support, adjustability, and coverage - ensuring the ease to move.

This is an awesome brand and I wish there were more companies aware of sizing  and functionality for curvy athletes.