Trusting Your Intuition

Pleated Skirt: ZARA | Suede Top: Who What Wear for Target | Booties: Kenneth Cole 

Tapping into your “intuition”, what does that mean? It’s the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. A lot of people might think trusting your intuition is a little “woo-woo”, but it’s a skill, almost like a muscle you can train. It’s like an automatic effortless feeling that motivates you to act. Once you start trusting it, you experience benefits from honoring it and start believing in yourself. A few weeks ago I took an “intuition healing” class with some friends and have become enamored by the idea of learning more, and connecting on a deeper level. 

How do you do it? I’m by no means an expert, but I can tell you from my personal experience. I take time to reflect and meditate. I literally build that time in the morning and at night so I can decompress no matter HOW busy/crazy/stressful things get. I started my practice with a guided meditation such, I’m a fan of inscape or headspace. Other things that are helping me learn + trust my intuition are paying attention to my dreams (cognitive mind is resting, opening space for subconscious thinking), being creative (digital designing, writing, collaging), spending time in nature (away from the hustle & bustle on the city), aligning with my values (stepping away from things that are not adding joy), LEARNING (reading, training, taking in new information), and distancing + releasing myself from resistance or negativity (staying away from people that add anxious pressure). 

Each month I’ve been focusing on learning something new about myself, call it personal development if you want. It’s been a bit of soul searching as I start writing this next chapter of my life. Everyone needs change, it’s like the universe shakes up everything you know and turns it up-side-down to force you to grow, to evolve, to get better. Each one of us are here for a purpose, to use our talents and gifts. The hardest part for most of us is to understand WHAT we want. We think we know, and then we receive it, and are unhappy. It’s important to step back and think about what success will look like. Money and status were ingrained in my brain from a young age. I always had this idea of working my ass off, making good money, and being highly recognized for my achievements. I now realize that my success is measured by joy, by happiness.

With the change of seasons, comes great internal change for myself. Fall has been a beautiful reminder that we must let go in order to change, just like the trees around us let go of the leaves. Sometimes change can be scary, it can bing fear, doubt, and insecurities. Trusting your intuition will help guide you through that process. You always have the answers, the knowledge, the power to create anything you want.