Girl Next Door

DRESS: Draper James | SHOES: Jibs | READING: The Elegant Warrior 

Sometimes we overlook our own strengths because we take them for granted and forget that they are special. Have you reflected recently on what your good at? What brings you joy? What others seek you out for? These are the very things that make us unique. They are gifts and instead of doubting ourselves we should learn to lean into them, share them with people and celebrate our ability to honor them. 

I’m often told that one of my strengths is being approachable and easy to talk to, kind of like the “girl next door”. I like that people feel comfortable with me. It makes me happy to know that people can relate to what I have to say in an authentic way. I really love helping people cultivate their creativity and spark ideas that lead to innovation. One of my greatest abilities is to connect people in a meaningful way. What’s your definition of power? I believe its the ability to achieve purpose and effect change. Each day, I like to focus on three things: being authentic, respectful, and powerful. What are your greatest strengths? 

Another strength I am learning is taking more time for myself and personal growth. Trading in watching TV for reading, doing more journaling and reflecting on some deep questions. I love seeing all of the trees and foliage start to bloom, the smell of spring air, the warm breeze and of course the closet change. I pretty much love everything Draper James has put out the past few seasons (Reese Witherspoon's lifestyle brand), this floral printed linen wrap dress is a new closet staple. You will also see me living in slim Jibs all Summer long, the most stylishly comfortable kicks in my closet. 


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