Tres Cool & Comfy

Velour Tunic & Leggings Set: Chadwicks of Boston
Tres Cool Beanie: H&M | Scarf: J.Crew | Skater Slips: Sam Edelman | Watch: Michael Kors

I am SO excited to announce that I'm officially a new Style Ambassador for Chadwicks of Boston & Metro Style. Growing up Chadwicks was a brand my mom always used to wear, very professional classic pieces. What I want to say is get that old school stereotype of Chadwicks out of your head! They have A LOT of updated style pieces with a twist, and some signature classics that are universal and ageless.  The first thing that comes to mind when I think of a "velour" sweatsuit is that over done 2 piece Juicy look we all played out in our teenage years. This velour tunic and legging set is a signature classic of Chadwicks done right. One of my own personal style rules when it comes to leggings (because they are tight, and I have a lot of booty),  my top should always cover my behind. This tunic hits at a perfect length, giving me enough coverage and making me feel comfortable and ready to roll. I can wear this look to the gym, running errands on the weekend, or even on a casual date night.  I paired the look with a fun Tres Cool beanie from h&m, yellow J. Crew scarf, and skater slips.  

More Chadwicks of Boston style coming your way over the next few months! What do you think of this look?