DRESS: ASOS | FUR: Adrienne Landau | BAG: Aldo from ASOS | JEWELS: Freida Rothman

This look is all about elegance and class, with a slight sexy edge. Last night I attended a wedding at the Wilshire Grand in NJ for a hometown friend I grew up with. It was a winter evening wedding, a long dress and fur only seemed right (and appropriate, despite what other people may think). My number #1 rule when it comes to dressing is if you feel comfortable and sexy, it will show. This dress is simply FABULOUS and how could I resist a navy + black cut-out combo? Navy IS the color of this season DUH! I am sick of wearing all black,  (boring) so I switched it up.  Did I mentioned this ASOS CURVE exclusive maxi dress with pleat front and cut out is currently on mega sale? I highly suggest adding this to your wardrobe before it sells out, also this garment can run a bit big so keep that in mind.  
I have been lusting for a new fur all winter, so I finally treated myself to this stunning Adrienne Landau cropped rabbit in white/brown. It is so soft and I am obsessed, the ONLY thing to keep in mind is that white fur sheds, especially on dark colors. (I carried a mini lint roller with me lol).  If you are against fur, or think it's "too much" then don't look.  #hatersgonnahate 

I accessorized my fierce evening style with jewelry by Freida Rothman, exclusively from the Spring 2015 collection which will be available in stores around March. These flat cut mother of pearl and pave earrings were to die for. Lastly, how freaking cute is my champagne cross body bag?! I was so excited to wear it, I always like to bring a little bit of humor to fashion. Who says it always has to be so serious?  It actually fits a lot more then it looks! If you have a few events coming up, or possibly a wedding I think it's the perfect evening bag with some sass. 

What do you think of my look?