KILLIN' IT… All The Time

T-Shirt: Forever 21 | Cropped Fur: Adrienne Landau | Crown: Free People | Jewelry: Freida Rothman 
Handbag: Sienna Ray & Co. | Gloves: Calvin Klein | Nude Booties: Forever 21 

Yes Yes, I know snow can be a bit of a pain… but there is something about it thats so beautiful and calming. Maybe because I was born on Christmas (winter baby), or the fact that snow makes me feel like a little kid again and reminds me of no school and fun snow days, I really love it. As a little girl, playing dress up was always my favorite past time and it still continues to be today. Call me crazy, but why not dress like an Ice Queen and add a little glamour to my snow day? Sometimes I like to dress casual with a twist, basic black leggings & a T with a crown= perfection.  

This T-shirt was actually a Christmas gift from someone I love, she wanted to remind me that no matter what I'm always "KILLIN' IT, All The Time".  It's all bout confidence and believing in yourself, this shirt reminds me that I am one of a kind and can do anything I put my mind to.  I consider it my "hater motivator" shirt and I'll wear it on a day when I need an extra reminder about how fabulous I really am.  We all have our insecurities and imperfections, no one is perfect. The most important aspect of life is staying true to yourself and projecting to the world what makes you unique & special.  You can't let other people bring you down, life is too short for bad vibes or negative energy. 

So go out there everyday and KILL IT, meaning to the best of your ability with your  best foot forward.