Giving Gratitude

Photographer: NeNe


Coat: Steve Madden | Poncho Sweater & Pants: metrosyle | Pom Pom Shoes: ASOS
Scarf: VeVelle | Jewelry: Kara Ross NY | Nails: Akiko | Handbag: FURLA

It's Thanksgiving week, and I am all about giving gratitude! Sometimes it's really important to step back and reflect on all of the great aspects of your life. I made a promise to myself, to take better care of my relationships, especially the one with myself. One of my personal goals this year & for 2016 is to get more in touch with my spiritual side, and inner connection to the universe. I recently started making time for meditation, and reflection on a daily basis. (I am not a full blown yogi or guru, but I am taking the first steps) I am starting with "gratitude walks" and a "gratitude journal". These walks are personal time for me, away from my cell phone or the hustle/bustle of city life.  I simply take time to walk in a park or around the neighborhood and give thanks for all of the great things in my life. 

I am so beyond grateful to work with such amazing brands, and follow my dreams in fashion. Not only do I have the ability to purchase my own clothes, but to be able to wear new pieces before they hit stores or promote new styles is truly a blessing. I fell in love with this cobalt blue princess cut funnel coat by Steve Madden from Alloy Apparel instantly. It makes such a strong statement with any look. My pants and sweater poncho are by metrosyle, when in doubt go with all black.  This look is casual and comfortable, yet with the right accessories can still be extremely chic. My beautiful silk printed scarf is by VeVelle, I truly believe a scarf can enhance any outfit. And lastly, these kick ass pom pom heels are  by ASOS.  (how damn cute and they?!)

I wanted to share something extremely personal with you guys this week, especially because it's Thanksgiving week and this is very relevant to my life. I came across an interesting way to get in touch with you "inner gratitude" and spiritual side. I have tried mediation before, and to be quite honest it is very hard for me to sit still and quiet all of the thoughts in my head to focus on breathing & chanting. It just doesn't work for me... and that's OK- everyone is different. Mediation comes in other forms besides sitting on the floor crossed legged and eyes closed. I recently started a gratitude journal, I write in it almost everyday in the morning or at night. This is a way for me to practice my grateful thoughts and put it into the universe. Everyday answer these 3 questions, and try not to repeat yourself day to day:

- Who/What inspired me today?

- What made me happy today or brought peace to my day?

- How did I contribute to my own happiness?

You can also list everything you are grateful for in a given day, and the people in your life. This is something that is so easy to do, and yet it makes such an impact. Now you might think I am crazy, but research & studies have shown an impressive range of benefits for people that keep these journals including: better sleep, fewer symptons of illness, and a deeper level of happiness. Since this is something very personal for me, I wanted to share it and see if any of you are interested in trying it out. 

On that note, I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Take some time to be grateful for all of  the good in your life. xo