Holiday Texture Trio

Location: Abington House Rooftop, NYC | Photographer: Seef7

Top: H&M | Skirt: Calvin Klein | Beanie: Juicy Couture | Plaid Coat: ASOS | Sunnies: Ray Bans 
Cut-Out Gloves: ASOS | Jewelry: Kara Ross NY | Boots: H&M | Scarf: Vintage

I am extremely grateful & blessed that I can dress and express myself everyday. I can wear what I want, and own it in any setting. Whether I am dressing for work, an event, or brunch with my friends it is extremely important to still have my personal flare and sense of adventure in my look. I do not mold or give in to trends, rather I prefer creating my own. Fashion is not about following a set of rules, it's really about expressing ourselves and showcasing your personality. 

I really can't believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I did some light Christmas shopping today and strolled around the city. EVERYTHING is already decorated for the holidays. Windows are  up and glistening, lights everywhere you look, and Christmas trees already set with ornaments. Now I don't know about you, but it all came a little too soon for me this year. The best way for me to get myself into the holiday spirit is dressing for it! 

A little sparkle and texture is just what I needed. The weather has been extremely on and off in New York. One day its hot, the next it's freezing, so layers are crucial for any city gal on the go. I have been really into long sleeve bodysuits lately. They are wonderful to wear under any short sleeve shirt for an extra layer of warmth. I completely love this sequined blouse from H&M. The first time I saw it hanging I knew it would be a holiday staple. This shirt literally made me smile. It was weird, and colorful, and I couldn't figure out the front hanging pieces that stuck out all over....but I LOVED it.  I wore it to a corporate-esq industry breakfast recently and the main response was, "you look like a disco ball and I like it", naturally I take that as a compliment. haha 

I don't want to sound so cliche here, but obvi plaid makes me think of the holidays. This over-size boyfriend blazer from ASOS is so easy to wear. I purchased it last year and still absolutely adore this coat. The booties were a super score from H&M, flat pointy toe is the way to go. I added in a super chunky knit black and white circle scarf for an added layer of texture. The cashmere beanie was actually a Christmas gift last year and I'm still totally obsessed, I have a cool beanie collection that has some serious character. 

To sum up my pre-holiday vibe- take some risks! Mix and match your prints, cause why not?! Life's too short to wear the same safe thing. Spend a good 20 minutes in your closet tonight and play dress up. Put together pieces you would normally not think of and try them on creating new looks with your current wardrobe. You would be surprised at how many holiday styles you already have. 

Have a big holiday party coming up and your stressin on what to wear?! 
Girl I got you... 

(guys are welcome to join the convo too, happy to help)