Let’s just say this NORMA KAMALI coat was literally love at first site. In a row of beautiful treasures on a sample sale rack in Norma’s uptown boutique, I found her in all the patchwork uniqueness glory and it was like magic. I was there for a work photo shoot, and had a little extra time after to browse her amazing designs. I have never seen a coat like this before, it’s not denim but looks like it. The patchwork is actually a print on a light weight fabric and it’s so easy to wear. The collar doubles as a hood, and I have worn it almost every single day this Fall so far. 

I am so into this 90’s “clueless” style inspo lately, this was my favorite movie growing up and I made my mom watch it with me over 100 times HAHA. I am wearing a navy + hunter green plaid skirt and olive peasant top by Free People. Another big Fall 16 trend is the backpack, I love having my hands free since I am always on the go. I added a pink fox pom pom by Adrienne Landau, it’s cute and fun + adds a personal style flare. I know you have seen me in this choker like everyday in different color ways, it's my favorite piece in the jewel box. I am wearing the double band multi color choker by DIAMONDS UNLEASHED for Serena Williams. It's completely sold out online, but don't worry ladies...we are working on some new fire right now coming soon. 

Saving the best for last… LOOK AT THESE BOOTS!!! I mean, aren’t they just the most amazing booties you have ever seen?! Obsessed doesn’t begin to describe my love for these shoes. They are by Jerome C Rousseau and handmade in Italy. They are from someone special to me, so naturally I believe they will lead me to beautiful places. I love the calf hair, hint of croc and mixed patterns. 

Point blank, this look is about taking risks. Stop thinking of what “matches” and what Fall is “suppose to look like”. Make up your own rules. Wear what feels good to you. Don’t be afraid of pattern play and mixing textures. Splurge on that jacket you have been eyeing all month long. BUY THE COOL BOOTIES instead of the basic black ones. Go for it girl! 

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