Be Original #Adidas


PANTS: Adidas | TEE: Adidas | CHOKER:  Zara | BOOTS: H&M | CAP: Asos | VEST: Adrienne Landu | GLOVES: Elma

Sometimes a gal just needs to be “off duty” and get creative with cold weather layering. We have seen some big trends for Winter’17 incorporating sportswear + high end luxury fashion. I got sick of wearing big bulky coats everyday to battle the chill factor. This look is completely achievable in your current closet, it’s about looking at your wardrobe in a new way. I took the challenge with Adidas Women’s by making a completely ordinal look of my own. Classic leggings & a work out T with a new spin that can go from the gym to the brunch with a few key accessories. 

I layered up my T with one of my favorite long sleeve crew neck sheer tops by Zara. This keeps me warm and adds a bit of glamour with a slight metallic tone. I wore perforated leather elbow gloves, which are necessary with any sleeveless vest. I pretty much LIVE in this burgundy velvet cap every weekend, and my favorite black booties. I finished up the street style vibe with my favorite Adrienne Landu colored rabbit fur vest. I will be checking out her show February 14th at NYFW and can’t wait to see the next collection. 

Don’t be afraid to take risks, there are NO RULES when it comes to fashion. Originality is key to finding your own personal style. Stick to whatever makes you feel good, and own it.