DRESS: New York & Co | KNOTTED ROSE SLEEVE WRAP: Karma for a Cure | SANDALS: Aldo | SUNNIES: Freida Rothman | RINNGS & CUFF: Unleashed by Kara Ross

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, INCLUDING YOU.

I take a lot of pride in my work, I give everything I do 150% of myself always.  In order for me to be my best self, and do the best work sometimes I have to unplug and reboot for the best results. It is extremely hard for me to “turn off”, not sure if any of you experience the same problem. (do you?) When you love what you so much it is more then just a job, it is your life. It’s really important to find that little bit of balance every once in a while and simply just enjoy the present moments with no plans, no calendar reminders and freedom to do whatever you want. I took a long weekend to completely turn off, soak up some vitamin SEA and relax with old friends. It was amazing, and I feel refreshed and focused to take on an intense week with purpose and action. 

I used to live in Ft Lauderdale years ago for college, and it was a great experience… totally never took advantage of all it’s beauty at the time. Laudie is one of the resort capitals of the world, so naturally I had to rock a resort-wear line. This lacey bell sleeve top is by Karma for a Cure. The line was created by a great friend of mine with an impactful story. The collection’s proceeds benefit cancer research, and Founder + CEO Margaux Minutolo makes it her mission to give back and look fabulous while doing it.  When I first arrived in Laudie it took me a full day to just RELAX, something that is hard for me to do. Here are some helpful tips that might also help you unwind in your times of need. We can’t go on vacation every weekend, so these tools can help us make it through. Before you judge, give it a try:

USE YOUR BREATH (meditation) 
Ok I know what you are thinking, who really has 15 or 30 minutes to spare for this? How can I just relax and sit still and breathe? Meditation has truly changed my life, this is a daily practice and it really makes the world of a difference. Before I start the full preach, just know that it’s all about using your breathe. I do a guided mediation through the app INSACAPE which is my fav one yet. They have all different kinds and great foundation series. Headspace is a common one for beginners which is a good start, but give inscape a try. If you just make a little extra time in the morning, you will see how great the rest of your day will be. You will be present, calm and have a lot more patience. 

PLAY (literally) 
I play EVERY SINGLE DAY. Never loose your inner child. Play a sport, play a game, play some music. Go to the park, do some painting just for fun, color (Mandals are a great stress reliever), play with your nieces or nephews. It sounds so stupid simple, and guess what- it is.  

GENTLE MOVEMENTS (don’t worry I am not a yogi) 
Gentle movements can help you relax, and it’s literally scientifically proven that you can calm and stimulate your nervous system with a few simple things. My favorite is to engage your nervous system and feel the “tingles” after a mediation. Take your hands palms facing together and simply rub them slowly. When you do this movement along with deep breathing you will literally feel the tingle results as your nervous system gets going. Another great movement pattern calming set is to hold your hands out and touch each one of your fingers to your thumb slowly on both sides one by one while deeply breathing. Call me crazy, but it totally works. You feel instantly relaxed under five minutes flat. 

DOODLE & WRITE (journaling) 
This is such a beautiful stress reliever for me, it helps me relax and organize my thoughts + unwind. Even writing this post for you is a form of “unwinding”. Grab a big illustration note pad and MAP out how awesome your day will be, what you are thinking about this week and long term plans. Make a little doodle (doesn’t have to be Picasso), write down your feelings/fears/ambitions and ideas. Manifest and write down things you want by taping into creative visualization. Make some notes of gratitude, WHO are you grateful for in life and why? It WORKS. 

I bet the first thing you thought I was going to say was “have a big glass of wine” … and sometimes YES that is the key haha Just know you have options in the relaxation process. If you can’t jet set off or travel for the weekend there are still amazing things you can do for yourself to unplug and feel at peace. 

Hope this was helpful, get those palms rubbing and FEEL IT BABY. -JB