All The Feels

TOP: Zara | SKIRT: H&M | SHOES: Asos | CHOKER: Kara Ross Heritage | LIPSTICK: Stila | SUNNIES: Amazon Fashion 

Do you ever get those tingly feelings and vibrations of great energy that come across your body and make you smile? That’s what I call “ALL THE FEELS”, it’s such a beautiful thing. It’s been happening more often lately in my life. The more “present” and “in-tune” I am with my feelings and surroundings, the more joy & FEELS happen. Energy is precious, protect that shit! Be sensitive and aware of WHO you are surrounding yourself with and WHAT projections you are putting out to the universe. I only surround myself with love these days. The greatest of that love is my family. I have a huge family on both sides (mom and dad), but super close to all of my cousins… they are my best friends and we grew up together. We spend a lot of time together, probably more than the average fam, but it’s all good. I love being in their company- we laugh, we dance and we bring good positive energy into each others lives. That is so important to me, if you don’t have family then what do you live for? Money? Lust? Power? Those aren’t long lasting sources of joy, they come and go quickly. Make sure to remember what is the most important things in your life. 

We had an extra special Sunday Funday outing in NYC with the Hornblower Cruise Company that sails around the Hudson River. You can choose to do brunch, lunch or dinner cruises and they include drinks + food + dancing with a band and DJ. We choose a bottomless champagne brunch cruise to celebrate a few birthdays with the girls, and obvi had a blast (and were the loudest table in there, it’s def a Puerto Rican trait LOL!)

The weather is currently still HOT, an “Indian Summer” and slow transition to Fall. It was a muggy day so I wore a light weight pleated midi skirt with a dark floral print and checkered puff sleeve top by Zara. I paired with with low strappy pointy toe sandals by ASOS, exaggerated cat eye sunglasses and my FAVORITE red lippy by Stila (it’s called Fiery, and lasts for 8 hours!). My fav accessory that tied together the whole look is this stunning Kara Ross crystal and 18k gold choker necklace. I am a fan of mixing prints, not every look has to be so “matchy matchy”. I love taking risks and bringing together patterns and prints that aren’t necessarily the norm, but can work. 
Get those higher vibrations going in your life! Bring on the FEELS!!