Deck the Halls

LOCATION: The Gilded Hotel, Newport Rhode Island 
DRESS: Anthropologie | SHOES: Michael Kors | GLOVES: Moschino | HANDBAG: ASOS | NECKLACE: Handmade 

We have only two more sleeps until Christmas! This is my favorite holiday by far, because it is also my Birthday. I am turning 29 years old this year. It’s funny, because when I was much younger I always thought my life would be so different at 29. I thought I would have been married, had kids, had books published, traveled to every country etc. (clearly I was always super ambitious haha!)  I feel like I am still a teenager, just with a little more knowledge and experience. Has anyone else felt this way? I have accomplished a lot in my professional career, and now I am working on the personal stuff. 

I always spend Christmas with my family, I could never be away from them on this special holiday. We have so many wonderful traditions that I look forward to all year long. Christmas Eve is always a HUGE celebration/ birthday party with all of my cousins. Christmas day is more relaxed, with just my immediate family and we have an early dinner all together. I always get decked out on Christmas Eve. You can NEVER have enough shimmer or sparkles for this special holiday. I am wearing a knitted metallic weave dress by Anthropologie, paired with chic arm length leather gloves for a vintage vibe. I through my hair up in a low bun and added some red lips for the extra touch (red lips have become my signature). This could be a great Christmas or New Years look. 

I am definitely not the same person I was when this year started. What a year this has been. The older I get, the faster the time goes. 2017 has been a mix of really great HIGHS and really bad LOWS. I am grateful to have overcome many obstacles, took some pretty big risks, trusted my own intuition, and followed my heart. The one thing I can say 100% is I have ZERO regrets. Everything in life is a learning lesson, and sometimes you need to fail in order to triumph. This year really taught me so much about self care and self love. It is NOT selfish to put yourself first. Sometimes, you need to focus on yourself so the other aspects of your life can fall into place. I am ending 2017 on a very positive note. I have crushed every goal that I set for myself, I have a better understanding of what I want out of life, and I am FOCUSED on growing and developing. 

I am really excited to head into 2018 and start the year off on a very refreshed and focused mindset. I have a big trip planned, and CAN NOT WAIT to share my next adventures with you guys. Stay tuned for some major wanderlust and HAPPY HOLIDAYS xo