MBFW Recap: A Look Inside Lincoln Center

New York Fashion Week only comes around twice a year, in September to present the next season’s Spring/Summer looks, and in February to present the next season’s Fall/Winter collections.  It is the most highly anticipated week for a fashion lover throughout the entire year.  Designers, stylists, buyers, bloggers, celebrities and media fly in from all over the world to the fashion hub, New York City.  Many people have ideas and notions aligning NYFW to a particular stereotype of “The Devil Wears Prada”.  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is so much more then just the clothes we wear, or the makeup we put on. It is a celebration of our industry to come together and show-off all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears of the season. It is a time when you can be whoever you want to be, a time to play dress up again in your closet, and most importantly a time to let your unique style and self-expression run free. 

I wanted to give people an inside view of what Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is really like. Instead of posting “street style”, like many bloggers, I decided to create a new trend and post “Inside Style”. All of these fabulous designers, bloggers, buyers and stylists were shot on the steps, in the garden, or inside Lincoln Center. This is an up close and personal view of what is happening at fashion week.

The greatest trend I have seen at this year’s fashion week is the mixing of prints. Floral prints, checks, plaids, and abstracts all combined into one outfit.  You would literally think people got dressed in the dark… BUT it really rubbed off on me. Mixing prints is a fun way to reinvent pieces from your wardrobe with a fresh look.

Everyone knows that sunglasses are a serious part of your outfit for fashion week, yes even inside. The two hottest styles right now are reflective lenses and round frames. I also saw a lot of gold hardware and mixing of metals.

Sheer madness! Everyone loves a good nip-slip but this season was a lot of full frontal sheer action. It takes a ton of confidence to pull it off,  but when done right, it could look extremely chic.

Pink and purple hair don’t care. I always say that hair is your best fashion accessory. Color is all the rage right now! Not just a few streaks but all over color.  It is a lot of maintenance ( I know from experience… I had purple hair for 3 months), but it is an attention grabber.

Lots and lots of leather, everywhere! Fitted motto jackets, leather vests, leather short shorts, and leather skirts, even leather socks. Leather always sticks around from season to season; it is a great wardrobe staple for both men and women.

The mad hatter is back, and this time attending fashion week instead of a typical tea party. Hats were a major trend throughout fashion week. Floppy hats, fedoras, boater style, beanies, and European looks.

White out nails. Anyone who knows me knows I am crazy about my nails. I design each finger like an outfit. This season the major trend for nails is completely all white.

Super simple color blocked sandals were the key pieces to everyone’s look. (Accept for the occasional wild pump). I think every single woman in New York owns a pair of these bad boys.
Sometimes watching the fashion influencers parade around Lincoln Center is even more entertaining than the shows! Hope you enjoyed this look inside Lincoln Center.