Want It, Gotta Have It! (Fall 2013)

Fall is officially here, as of yesterday September 22. It is such a bittersweet time because I am sad to see summer go but ready for the next season, pretty much in every aspect of my life. The change of seasons is a time to reflect and start a new chapter, to look at what the past couple of months have been like and make positive changes in a new direction. New attitude, new outlook, new motivation, and most importantly new wardrobe! (basically out with the OLD and in with the NEW) Don't we all wish our bank accounts would feel that way too? It would be such a joy to shop for a whole new wardrobe for each season, but we have to be semi-realistic here. I have always been a "smart shopper", and everyone knows it is how you put it together.  I have picked my absolute fav fall trends/styles from accessible stores such as: Forever 21, ASOS, Top Shop, H&M, DSW, and River Island.  These are my must have items that are not going to break the bank. I can recreate looks with fun accessories and lots of layering, and mixing new pieces with wardrobe staples.  

Talk about hotness! I am completely in love with anything black & gold, chunky hardware, cutouts, dark florals, prints, lace-ups, and suede. Bring on the booties! All of these shoes are currently available at DSW

What is fall without some amazing jackets? Everyone should own a basic leather motto jacket, it's a complete must, if you don't already own one then get to it! I'm feeling the plaid, tweed, varsity style, and mix of materials. All of these jackets are currently available at ASOS

I've always been into hats. They are my best friend on a bad hair day, especially when it's freezing out. Big brims and floppys have always been around, this time with cool metal and detailed accents. Leather baseball caps are pretty major this season, kind of like a chic sports player. This is also the first time that I feel confident wearing beanies, they are supper fun and I love all the sassy sayings. 

Lots and lots of layers and leather. Bring on the sweaters, blouses, Ts, leggings, colored jeans, and herum pants. Don't be afraid to mix it up and take some risks. All of these pieces are currently available at Forever 21

Get your shop on! If your funds are  not permitting that right now, then play dress up in your closet, you'll be surprised by all the looks you can come up with from a new perspective.