Merci Montreal

There is nothing better then a spontaneous weekend getaway planned by someone special. I have never been to Canada before, which is pretty crazy considering it is so close to us. Montreal is considered "the pearl of Canada", and now I can understand why. What an amazing city filled with french flare, fabulous fashion, and amazing people. The city really reminds me of Manhattan, and downtown Montreal can  be compared to Soho (expect MUCH cleaner).  We had the pleasure of staying at the Lowe's Vogue Hotel downtown, which was conveniently located across the street from Louis Vuitton and rows of luxury boutiques. 

After exploring downtown we took the "metro" over to Old Port, which completely resembled Paris in every way. The old architecture, cobblestones, and french cafes took me back to a European mindset. We even met the sweetest couple who showed us around (thank god) because everything is in French including maps/signs/menus. After Old Port we hit the streets of Saint Laurent, which is Montreal's version of the Meatpacking District. Tons of bars/clubs and people filled the streets, the energy was great and we enjoyed ourselves stopping in about 5 different places throughout the night.

I was also really influenced by Canadian fashion, very casual in a chic way. Big parkas, lots of fur, knits, combat boots, infinity scarves, and vintage backpacks.  Of course I can not forget the plaid and "Canadian tuxedo" (denim on denim). I snapped some pics of street style and my favorite looks. 

It was an amazing trip, and beautiful place! I can not wait to go back again soon… except this time I would dress MUCH warmer. (brr) Perfect city to snuggle up.