Enjoy The Little Things

I've realized in life we take a lot for granted… certain people, talents, things that come natural to us,  health, even freedom.  Sometimes we need to slow it down and appreciate all of the little things, life's daily reminders that we might overlook otherwise.  Everyone has a unique story to tell, it's not always so glamours and perfect, but our imperfections make us human. These past two days spent home have been filled with those little moments. I am so appreciative for all of the good things in my life, the people that have been there to support me, and for my own instincts/self intuition. I can't help but smile in a room full of sunshine on a beautiful day.

I added in some light pastel accents to get into spring mode. The mint & gold statement necklace and pastel cuff are by Child of Royals.  My nude 3 quarter sleeve light weight sweater is by UGMEE USA, I love these piece because it goes with just about anything. This tribal print tank top and high waisted skater skirt are from Forever 21. Last but not least, the caged blue studded stilettos are Moschino.

Sweater: UMGEE USA | Jewelry: Child of Royals | Skirt & Tank: Forever 21 | Shoes: Moschino