Stress Free #LetLoose2014

In honor of April's National Stress Awareness Month I have been asked to join's #LetLoose campaign. We all get so caught up in our daily lives and work routine that sometimes we forget to let it all go and have a little fun. I mean… we work so hard during the week that weekends seem like a natural right to live it up! (right?) Las Vegas is notoriously known for being the best place in the country to let it all go and get a little wild. Unfortunately, not all of us can get to Vegas on a Monthly basis to relieve our stress! Lucky for me, I will be headed to sin city Memorial Day weekend for a lot of work (JCK Tradeshow) and a little bit of pleasure. Work hard play hard is the motto.

I am a compulsive planner, cant help it, it's just the internal event coordinator inside of me. In other words, I have already started to plan exactly how I will "let loose" in Vegas. I will be "miss fitting" right in at the Cosmopolitan Hotel… just the right amount of wrong.  The luxury hotel is located on the Las Vegas strip, and is known for being one of the trendiest spots on the block.  While I am staying at the Cosmopolitan, I'll def be dancing the night away over the weekend at Marquee Nightclub. My favorite way to let loose is to get down to some good music and EDM beats (must be the Jersey girl inside of me).

What is the best way to nurse your hangover after a long night? Brunch! Duh… and of course a bellini to ease the pain. I will be hitting the Bacchanal Brunch at Caesars Palace, awarded by USA Today, Las Vegas Review and Las Vegas Weekly.  This is going to be a trip to remember!
(also a successful one)

My trip to Vegas is still a month away, and I have been stressing out about life's little details lately, so I took it upon myself to officially let loose this weekend. My very favorite stress relievers are my friends. What better way to forget your worries then to spend the weekend with your girlfriends laughing and smiling! I am still new to Brooklyn, so we did a little exploring and got into some fun adventures around the neighborhood.  We woke up laughing and joking/going over the details of the night, followed by Sunday brunch. All-in-all it was a weekend of "letting loose". This little clip sums it all up.

What are your plans to #letloose this month?