Power Trip

For the first time in 7 months I took my favorite white blazer out for a spin. This blazer is from Forever 21 and I brought it 2 years ago in every color it came out in! haha. I am still transitioning my closet and reinventing some looks for the new season. My 3 work essential wardrobe staples are; 1. a white blazer. 2. high wasted pencil skirt, 3. basic black pumps. The sexiest outfit a woman can wear is a power suit (besides a ton of confidence).  It doesn't matter what office or industry you work in, I think when you dress the part you feel the part.  You do not have to show a ton of skin to show off some sex appeal, embrace your curves and flatter/highlight your best assets. 

I also believe in mix and matching. We are not in the 80's anymore where the two piece suit dominated the workforce (especially the shoulder pads). It just so happened my look was a white and black match, but feel free to take some risks and mix your skirts/blazers.  All of the black & white enamel jewelry is from Freida Rothman's "Clair" Metropolitan Collection. This look can easily transition from day to night, office or happy hour. Now is the perfect time to pick up a white blazer and make the investment. It's usually a hit or miss but I have seen some amazing new styles and deals over the past 2 weeks for this piece. 

What makes you feel sexy?