My Fall '14 Hot List

Listen up ladies! Fall 2014 has arrived and it's time to celebrate the change of season in style.  A lot of women ask me for seasonal fashion advice and shopping tips, so I figured now is the time to coach you before your fall shopping spree. I have created a check list for you, these are serious NECESSITIES for your fall wardrobe,  if you don't have them then do yourself a favor and invest now. Every woman needs a good leather motto jacket,  long sleeved shift dress, a wide brim hat, pair of killer red booties, colorful scarf, aviators, purple lipstick, matte black nail polish, and of course a statement hoop. This goes for ANY shape or size, and I am going to give you plenty of options for pricing to fit within your shopping budget. (yes, yes… you can thank me later). I always tell my fellow fashionistas, check your current closet first! You will be surprised to see how much of this you actually already have. It's all about reinventing & reworking your current pieces with some finishing accents.  After you checked your closet and you know exactly what you need, get your credit card and laptop ready for a serious online shopping sesh! (one of my guilty pleasures) 

Get your check list ready and go for it! Tag me on insta or twitter with your fav Fall looks #BlazersandBellinisGoesFall