Backstage Pass #NYW

Well well- looks like NYFW flew by! Normally, my coverage is from the front row... but this season I had the chance to work on something VERY special. As many of you have heard, Kara Ross is gearing up to launch a new brand, DIAMONDS UNLEASHED which is a total game changer. I have dropped some hints about the movement, and this was our first chance to show the fashion world what it's all about. This season we had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the great Dennis Basso + team for his runway show which took place on September 15, 2015. We were involved in a few aspects of the show including all accessories, backstage press lounge, and of course we brought the "DU Swagg"! Dennis Basso and his team (especially Creative Director, Emily Burnett) were amazing to work with. Kara Ross x Dennis Basso developed a one-of-a-kind couture handbag collection for  the runway. The models looked STUNNING in KR heritage jewels, and even rocked custom pink silk robes on rehearsals/hair/makeup. 

The second part of this amazing show were the shoes! DIAMONDS UNLEASHED teamed up with Stuart Weitzman to create gold & diamond shoe clips in the shape of our women's empowerment symbol. (these are pretty bad ass!) You can easily wear them on any style shoe you like, and will be released exclusively on mid-November. The best part about these clips are the give-back! 100% of profits will go to Diamonds Unleashed and support charitable partners like Girls Who Code and She's The First. I can totally get down with that! 

It is so amazing to see something come to life from concept to result. Our team has been working so hard and this fashion week was a huge success. Teamwork is dreamwork and the DU CREW is just getting started! 

Backstage is always pretty chaotic and there are a million things going on at once. I have to say Dennis Basso + team were extremely organized and ready to roll. DIAMONDS UNLEASHED also set up a sanctuary high end press lounge filled with white furniture and fun goodies for PR + celebs to hang out before the show. There were so many fab interviews and DU ambassadors that came out to support us! (we feel the love) 

Dennis Basso's Havana Night's themed runway was a total success! It was so amazing to be a part of this, the collection was beyond beautiful. If  you missed this show SHAME ON YOU... but you can still watch it HERE ;) 

Excited to hear more about DIAMONDS UNLEASHED?

What is Diamonds Unleashed:
Diamonds Unleashed is a brand with a purpose; symbolizing, promoting and supporting women’s empowerment. By working with the best of class partners at two different retail levels, Diamonds Unleashed showcases jewelry collections at a variety of price points, and directly supports partner non-profit organizations that educate, equip and empower young women around the globe to reach their full potential. Diamonds Unleashed celebrates that women, like diamonds, are brilliant, multi-faceted and unbreakable.

Empowering Women & Creating Community
Diamonds Unleashed will become a symbol of women’s empowerment, and serve as a platform for a number of initiatives in support of it. Diamonds Unleashed will provide monetary donations to relevant non-profit organizations, foster a community of distinguished ambassadors to spread the mission, and among other things, host a series of Salon events nationwide to bring people together in support of a common cause.

Diamonds Unleashed retail partners include HSN, and the #BeBrillant collection for Neiman Marcus, which interprets the logo and symbol, along with Kara’s signature design aesthetic. The goal is to create stunning and wearable jewelry with a deeper message of women’s empowerment. A significant amount of net profits from the collection will directly support partner non-profit organizations like She’s the First and Girls Who Code to start, which educate, equip and empower young women around the globe to reach their full potential. Diamonds Unleashed has over 200 celebrity/athletes/executives/actresses/artists supporting our movement and standing behind our initiative to help spread the word. We want every customer to feel connected to our mission via our social media outlets, ambassadors, events, and newsletters. We want them to share their stories and inspire other women, spreading the message and supporting a greater cause.

We are launching December, 10th at the Hearst Tower! DIAMONDS UNLEASHED official instagram is now up and live > follow us here 

Now you know why I've been such a busy bee. All good things ahead... stay tuned dolls xo