Golden Glow

Location: Beard St. Brooklyn | Photographer: NeNe

Leather Coat: metrostyle | Dress: Cult of California | Shoes: metrostyle  | Jewelry: Kara Ross NY
vintage cat sunnies from Brooklyn Flea 

My days have been extremely jam packed the past few weeks. Building a brand is no easy task. 
Working in the fashion industry is extremely high pace, constantly changing and evolving. You have to be able to think on your feet, literally be a solution finder for anything that can arise. 

I CONSTANTLY feel like I am "running in heels"... but no, I mean literally. I am running from meeting to meeting, covering major ground in NYC on a daily basis. My shoes have to be comfortable and look absolutely fabulous at the same time. I open my armoire in the morning and admire my beloved Chanel, Manolo, and Valentino's but realistically I know in 2 hours I will be dying. The most important thing to remember in career dressing is that you have to: 

1. Look completely flawless like you stepped out of a magazine 
(and not max out your credit card while doing so)

2. Be comfortable and practicable to make it through the day

If my feet are killing me and I am tugging at a neckline it totally decreased my productivity. Looking good and FEELING good in your wardrobe is everything. Now that it is Fall, there is no better look then a long leather jacket. You can throw it over any outfit and feel like a rockstar ready to go. Especially when it's a bronze metallic leather belted look! I wear this jacket with jeans, dresses, skirts and it adds that extra pow factor. Why stick with a blah neutral or black? Go for the gold. 

I paired it with these great strapy animal print pointed pumps, which are considered a "midi" heel height and have a lot of support around the ankle. AKA I can actually run in these babies. 

Now time to add the quirky fun piece that I just can't live without in any outfit. These crazy cat eye cut-out sunglasses get more attention then any other pair in my closet.  I found them at the Brooklyn Flea, which has some really cool vintage thrift pieces. 

A long leather trench coat adds just the right amount of career-woman cool. Nothing #BASIC about this babe.