All Dressed Up #HolidayStyle

Location: Lake Buenavista, FL | Photographer: NeNe


I love the holidays, especially getting dressed for them. There's nothing like going shopping for that perfect holiday look, something you look forward to wearing and gives you the confidence to feel extra special. This LBD (Little Black Dress) is from Voodoo Vixen, the perfect mix of black satin with a sheer touch. I love the bow in the center, and sexy keyhole that shows the just the right amount of skin. Fit and flares are always flattering for any pear-shaped body types. I got to spend the holidays in the warm weather this year, so tights were not needed! (score)

Another year older, and another year wiser... 27 never looked so good! I had an amazing week celebrating my birthday & the Christmas holiday with my family. It felt amazing to take some time off to relax and recharge for the New Year. This past year has been the best of my life. I took some really big risks, decided to put a lot of effort into taking better care of my health, and persued my dreams fearlessly. 

At some point in the year I had a lot of realizations about myself. I found who I wanted to be without compromising my spirit or true sense of self. I got to surround myself with SO MANY amazing leaders and role models, influencers who I have looked up to my whole life. These experiences and lessons have been completely invaluable. I worked my ass off, threw myself 150% into my goals and I got to enjoy the holidays with the people that mean the most to me. Overall it has been one hell of a year and I wouldn't change a thing. 

Here are my top tips for a happy & prosperous 2016:

Create a gratitude journal that you can write in everyday or at least once a week. Be grateful for anything that is positive and good in your life. Reflect on people, place, experiences... anything that brings you joy. Having an understanding of gratitude will help your future and present. 

I am ALL about the laws of attraction and manifesting your own destiny. Write down everything you want to accomplish this year and believe in yourself. Put it down on paper and start to envision it. You will start to see every detail and the steps you need to take to get there. Once you truly believe and work towards it, you will be amazed at the outcome. 

I know this seems stupid simple and obvious, but then why don't we do more things that make us happy? Read that book, watch a movie, take time to relax and recharge. Save up for that trip you have been yearning for, and spend time with people that bring pure happiness to your life. You have to make time for yourself and the things you love.

I was lucky to lear this early in life & I give full credit to my mom. I started my first vision board at 11 and have been making them ever since. I have a personal vision board that I add to and switch out every month, and a professional board that is purely inspirations. Get a stack of magazines, pictures and memories that you hold dear to your heart and create away. Words. sayings, places, things that inspire you. These boards are extremely powerful, this is a big tool in manifestation. Put your board in place where you can see it everyday. 

This is going to be an incredible year, buckle up because I have a lot of adventures coming your way. Happy New Year Dolls!