USEPPA Island #Wanderlust

Location: Useppa Island | Photographer: Seef 7 

Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress: ASOS | Jewelry: Kara Ross Heritage & Diamonds Unleashed 

Useppa Island is one of those magical places you dream about with so much history behind it. There are NO cars, no traffic lights, just pure luxury and relaxation. (yes there is wifi #duh) Everyone on the island actually rides around in golf carts on beautiful winding sand trails. It's located near the northern end of Pine Island Sound in Southwest Florida. Since the 19th century this Island has been known for luxury resorts, and is now home of the private Useppa Island Club, also a US historic site. Useppa was first inhabited by the Paleo people, then became a fishing ranch for Cubans, and eventually served as a training facility for the CIA in 1960 (during the Bay of Pigs). Since then, it's been an exclusive members only island known for sport fishing, sailing and croquet. 

Everyone on Useppa is part of this tight-knit community. The energy is extremely peaceful and low key. Children running on the beach, families soaking in the sun and club members doing cocktails at sunset. The only way to describe it is "Delightfully Posh", and was rated by Conde' Nast Traveler as one of the top 25 true island retreats in the world. 

Needless to say, I will definitely be back. 

Learn more about the island HERE.