Gaming Glam Glow #BeautyBiz


Happy Mother's Day weekend everyone! Tonight was a total netflix and chill situation with my mom. We decided to test out this fabulous new gravity mud mask I recently received at a press preview. Glam Glow has officially teamed up with Sega to create this limited edited product featuring Sonic the Hedgehog! Who remembers Sonic growing up? Well guess what, he is back and better then ever. Notice anything about the mask? IT IS THE EXACT PANTONE BLUE AS SONIC! Not only is this mask branded + packaged brilliantly, the ingredients are completely organic. The gravity mud masks master formula includes: Teaoxi Complex (to make skin feel firmer), Vizitight, Lunaflift (toned skin) and Cosmiplexion (resilient and refreshed). The formula is bright blue, as you see above in the jar, and when applied with the provided brush it slowly turned metallic as it dried on the skin. The consistancy was very thick, and overall it was not messy. Half way through applying one section of my face I felt a slight tingle, not painful, but a reaction to the product working and tightening on the spot. I left the mask on for approx. 20 minutes and then it was time to peel it off. Find a small section under your chin and work your way upwards. After the mask a quick rinse and VIOLA! Tighter, beautiful glowing skin. The product is meant to be used twice a week, I will keep everyone posted on the results. 

Sega x Glam Glow is tapping into an interesting market with this product. The beauty of MASKING + GAMING at the same damn time. What a great way to capture female gamers then to allure them with Sonic as they play. (kind of genius) Sonic has big plans over the next few months, with a large "Sonic Boom Fire & Ice" gaming release in September 2016 and a ton of fashion + beauty + even art collaborations rolling out. Way to make a come back!  What of you guys think of the mask, would you want to try it?