Let's Grow Together

TURTLE NECK: Uniqlo | SKIRT: Zara | BOOTIES: Wanted Shoes | BACK PACK: Neely & Chloe 

I came across a really great quote this weekend which really resonated with me;  “ When two givers indulge in a connection, it’s like magic. It’s alchemy. I’ll water you, you water me, we never drown each other, we just GROW”. I believe this within every aspect of my life right now… work + friendships + personal relationships, everything. You know what’s best for you, sometimes it’s really hard to put that in action, or follow your first instinct, but when you do the universe also let’s you know it. This is that mini pep-talk I keep having with myself, follow your gut. Time and time again it’s proven me right. 

It’s been a really WARM WARM autumn so far, yes I totally blame it on global warming but I also can’t complain because it's November 5th and I am not even wearing a jacket or tights!!  I love that it is not freezing cold in New York, and I am enjoying the warmth as long as I can. I’ve owned this dark floral printed leather skirt for a year, it’s from ZARA and I still love it. I paired it with a mauve colored turtle neck and these adorable pink suede booties with embroidered details by Wanted Shoes USA. They have a nice block heel, can be dressed up or down and are great for running around the concrete jungle. It’s no secret that I love backpacks, I am constantly on the go and need my hands free. This particular pink leather piece is by Neely & Chloe and it’s been my go-to the entire Spring/Summer season. I know that I’ll have to give it up soon and go with something darker + more practical for winter but I really love it. 

More fall looks to come, stay tuned xo