Feeling Sexy In Your Own Skin: LBD

I want to address some very deep thoughts and underlying feelings that have been arising throughout my life, especially with the launch of this blog. What does it mean to feel sexy in your own skin? What is the definition of sexy? What makes a woman beautiful?  

The main question I often have to answer- "Is it hard being a plus size woman working in the fashion industry?" First off all, I would like to present some facts: the average woman in the United States is a size 14. This is not a bias statement, no particular opinion needed, just a true fact. Not many women look like the pages in a magazine, or models on a runway. The fashion industry has a very negative stereotype to women over a size 12. I am here as a true example to prove that wrong. I dislike the term "plus size" and would rather use the term "curvy". I embrace my curves and body, I have never been an extremely thin person.

 A lot of my friends always ask me how are you so confident? I have insecurities just like everyone else, I am not perfect, but I love and embrace myself. For me, sexy is feeling comfortable in your own skin. Looking at yourself In the mirror and knowing what a good person you are, setting high goals and standards for yourself, and surrounding yourself with like minded people. That is truly sexy.  

When it comes to physical appearance, I believe dressing for your figure is a major factor. Embrace your body, and highlight your best assets. I am half Puerto Rican, so naturally I have a pear shape. I've always been self conscious about my lower half, but I show off what I feel comfortable in. Honestly, shape wear (aka spandex) are a key undergarment to smooth out lines. Just an FYI almost everyone woman owns a pair of spandex whether they want to admit it or not (even Kim Kardashian). 

This lace off the shoulders dress is from the Umgee USA "curve" line. It is body hugging, but shows off my shoulders and good assets. I feel extremely sexy in this dress, without showing too much skin. My pointed toe pony hair shoes are Enzo, and the perfect heel height. Just a little heel for dressy look, and very comfortable. My little circle black and gold shoulder bag is vintage, gifted to me by my aunt.  My crystal and gold chain draped earrings are by Identity Accessories. The bracelets and the rings are all by Freida Rothman. 

Take a good look at yourself and find your inner sexy. Not for a guy, or your industry, but for you. Only you can make yourself feel truly sexy and confident, which is your best accessory. I am lucky enough to have met someone that tells me I am sexy everyday, he makes me feel comfortable in my skin and reassures my confidence. I truly wish every women can have that in their life.

Dress: Umgee USA | Shoes: Enzo Angiolini |  Earrings: Identity Accessories
Bracelets/Rings: Freida Rothman | Handbag: Vintage  

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