Showing Some Cali Love

I am going to make this pretty short and sweet, as I will be posting A LOT this weekend ;) I just touched down in California, feels good to be back on the West Coast. Los Angeles has become a second home to me, especially West Hollywood. The energy is great, the vibes are positive, and there is not a cloud in the sky. I have been very fortunate to consider myself bicoastal this year (between Cali & NY), it has been such an amazing experience and fun adventure. 

My travel companion/great friend Jordana and I are producing an event tomorrow evening at SUR Lounge for LA Fashion Week, along with the cast of Vanderpump Rules from BRAVO TV.  We are putting together some of the hottest accessory designers in the country to present their latest collections to the West Coast market. To all of my LA peeps, the event will take place tomorrow evening (Sunday, October 20th) from 8-11pm. 

It has been pretty hectic since we landed, but just arrived to this fabulous sanctuary 2 level suite provided by one of our event sponsors, The Ramada Hotel Weho.  Of course the first thing I do when arriving at a hotel is unpack completely and lay out my accessories… it's like a crazy OCD thing I have. This room is pretty amazing, with a living room space, bar, balcony, and loft bedroom level. (not that we will be sleeping much this trip haha!) A special thank you to the hotel for making our stay here in LA perfection.

Stay tuned for my LA Art of Brunch post tomorrow!