A La Mode, Bay Ridge BK #SalonSnob

Every fashion week I like to change up my look. I find the best way to make a change in your style is to start with your hair. I have done almost EVERY color and style throughout the years (purple, blue, pink, blonde, long, short)… you name it, I've done it. I believe in taking risks and trying new things, after-all change is good. I have had the opportunity to try out some of the best salons in NYC, NJ, and LA. I'm always on the look out for the next hot spot in hair. I recenetly made the move into Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and I had to do some research to find my next stylist in the area. 

 I must admit, I am definitely a salon snob and my standards for service and execution are not easy to please. A La Mode Salon & Spa is one of the top rated salons ( 4.9 to be exact) in Bay Ridge, located at 7519 3rd Ave.  I decided to try it out last week for a hair transformation during MBFW.  Owners and brothers Shadi & Hamza welcomed me in the salon and created a new look for my hair, something that would really stand out during fashion week. I came in for a consultation prior to my appointment, and they knew right away what to do. I was greeted immediatley, offered water/coffee/tea, and they took my coat. These are essentinal service marks that I look for when going to a salon. The space was extremely clean and organized, and every station was spotless. Hamza chatted with me about my previous colors and treatments so he knew exactly how my hair would take the new color. He asked all of the right questions and was careful not to damage my hair during processing. Most importantly he *listened* to me when I told him I would like to grow out my hair and I did not want to cut off too much. Hamza also gave me the confidence to try wispy bangs. He is a complete perfectionist and even kept the salon open late to finish my look. The violet-red color was absolutely stunning and I fell in love with my new look. 

Overall, I honestly have to give this salon 5 stars for service and the final look. I enjoyed talking to the owners, the staff is extremely friendly/helpful, and I felt like a million bucks when I walked out the doors. I also couldn't believe how busy they were even on a random Wednesday night. It seems like the entire neighborhood goes to A La Mode. I  have no complaints about the salon (maybe just the annoying girl sitting next to me getting her hair done, but then again that could just be me getting used to Brooklyn). I loved all of the products they used, and even though I did extreme color my hair still feels silky and shines. 

I wanted to get the inside scoop from the owners so I could share it with you guys: 

Did you always want to be in the hair industry? When/how did you start your career?

"Hamza: After I finished school, I realized that I am interested in hair fashion. Then, I enrolled in a hair school in Manhattan. After that I worked at Alex hair salon on fifth avenue , Brooklyn, where I started as a small hairstylist. By time, I gained more experience and I had my own clients coming asking for me. As my brother joined and worked with me at the same salon, and both became more experienced and professional by time, we felt that we were ready to take the next step, which is to open our own hair salon."
"Shadi: Hamza was working at Alex salon. I used to visit him all the time there. The more I spent time at the salon, the more I realized that I am interested in hair and what they are doing. After that, I went to beauty school and worked with my brother."

When did you ope the salon?
"We opened A La Mode 6 years ago, on June 3rd 2008."

How is it being brothers and partners, do you enjoy working together?
"We are used to working together. We help each other and find it easy to make decisions and workout things related to business. It’s definitely easier than being a partners with a stranger. We know what goes on in each other's lives and we support each other on everything. We trust each other!"

Do you think hair and fashion are related?
"Of course. Just like fashion trends change every season/ year, hair fashion changes as well. Hair is fashion itself, you could always invent new styles and try new colors, and set new trends." 

Who is your ideal client?
"Every customer is different and unique somehow. I like all my clients especially the ones who trust my work."

Do you have any regrets or things you hope to change?
"Honestly nothing yet. Our business is still new ( 6 years old). We always try to create a better staff, expand the salon, and improve our service."

What was the biggest success of your career?
"At our ages, our biggest success is when we opened A La Mode. The salon transformed our lives. We become owners and responsible for a business."

Where do you see yourself in 10 years, and what advice can you give to future salon owners?
"Owning another salon maybe or becoming famous haha. My advice would be to build a strong organized collaborative staff.

Thank you guys so much for my new look! A La Mode Salon & Spa also offers eyebrow threading, waxing, and makeup services. I will 100% be back there again soon. What do you think of my new look? Check out my insta flicks below 

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