Are You the Next Fashion Hero?

One of the many fabulous parts of being a fashion/lifestyle blogger is having the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing powerful women that I admire. Montreal native Caroline Bernier, Founder and CEO of The Fashion Hero, definitely fits into that category.  Caroline has worked in the industry for years, starting out in pageants (working with Ms Universe) and transitioning to producing some of the biggest fashion productions including the Victoria Secret Angels tour. She created the concept of "The Fashion Hero" to empower and inspire people's persception of their own body image and confidence. Caroline saw the prejuidce and negative stereotypes first hand and believed that everyone has a sense of sparkle and shine in them, why should they be turned down because they are not 6 feet tall or a size 00 to be a model? She wanted to create a space to introduce rising talent to major brands and show them that real people can be used in marketing campaigns without all of the "fakeness" of the industry. 

The Fashion Hero's mission is to change narrow standard of the fashion industry, by bringing people who do not fit the traditional norms of the modeling industry to the attention of some International brands.  By joining The Fashion Hero & creating your profile, you get the chance to become a model of this new era and to be part of the change. This is open to girls and guys of any shape, race, single or married, any religion/ethnicity/nationality, and long as your are between the ages of 16-40 years old.  Head to to get started and create your profile, it is a small fee to join but I think it is completely worth it as a percentage will be donated to the national Bulimia/Anorexic Foundation and Anti Bulling Org. 

I just created my profile today so I am happy to walk you through the process. There is an easy 6 steps to creating your profile: 1.Some basic information about yourself 2. A short description of your physical features 3. Your definition of beauty/interests/occupation 4. Some photos of yourself (see mine below),  5. A video clip describing why you should be chosen and introducing yourself to different brands 6. All of your social media links. The next step is getting your family and friends involved to vote! 

In September 2014 a total of 3200 candidates will be selected based on the number of votes received: the top 40 profiles with the most votes for each of the 80 participating countries. Each will receive a professional photoshoot & portfolio (model status!).  Click here to see a full list of brands involved in the movement (which is growing each day). The Fashion hero brands will then choose 100 finalists from the 3,200 semifinalists to appear on the 'The Fashion Hero' TV Show broadcasted internationally and filmed in the Grand Sirenis Hotel and Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The brands will then crown their selected ambassadors at the Grand Finale! Sounds like the ultimate dream right?! Make it your reality and sign up today, what do you have to lose? 

I just created my profile so show me some love and vote here! I will gladly vote back for you ;) Let's make a differnce and see you on the big screen xo