Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: HYDE LAS VEGAS

Normally the old saying is "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" but not in this case.  I simply can not hide the fact that I pretty much had one of the best nights in my life at HYDE in the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas. I know thats a pretty big statement, no exaggeration needed. This was probably one of the sickest nightclub experiences I have ever had (NYC, LA, Miami, Paris, Milano), it really does take the cake. 

I am a fan of smaller more intimate venues, where the cool kids hang. I am over the crazy crowded mega club scene. HYDE, owned by the SBE group, is a 10,000 sq ft indoor/outdoor space overlooking the Fountains of the Bellagio that opened in 2011. It was designed by Gulla Jonsdottir of G+ to resemble a lavish Italian villa (check! so on point).  Now… Vegas itself can be totally on the tacky side, but HYDE was a breath of fresh air.  The open space, floor to ceiling windows, outdoor terrace and amazing fountains couldn't have set a better scene in my mind. HYDE Las Vegas is the perfectttttt place for a bachelorette /bachelor party, birthday, or entertaining clients.  The club is also notoriously known for the XIV day party by the SBE Group. HYDE has some pretty wacky bottle packages, which can be accommodated at one of 40 VIP tables, the club itself can hold up to 714 people. The packages range from your bottle being delivered by Superman flying over to your table, or one of my favs "I'm on a boat bitch". 

(yes this is a $250,000 table/bottle package which is almost always sold out, can you say #HighRollers?)

(I'm on a boat bitch! Yes it's an actual bottle package equipped with hot bottle server brought over to you on a boat) 

Two major deciding HOT or NOT club factors I have (no matter how chic the place is) 1. the music 2. the service.  HYDE's DJ literally kept me dancing all night, playing a great mix between EDM, Hip Hop and old school throw backs. It was such a diverse variety, he even catered to both coasts.  Now I hate to say this to NYC but HYDE Vegas literally put you to shame. The service was totally impeccable. The managers were extremely friendly, our bottle service host was not only beautiful but a sweetheart (and patient with us), even the bouncer escorted us to and from the bathroom to avoid long lines. The DJ tolerated us climbing into the booth to request a song with a smile, and it was CERTAINLY a night to remember.  Here are some of my tippsy iphone snaps throughout the evening:

A very special thank you to the entire staff, managers, bottle servers, bouncers, DJ and owners for making our night the best experience in Vegas. One of my new favorite clubs, you MUST go next time your in sin city.