Suits of The Season #Summer2014

Swimsuit season is here and vacation is clear in sight. Embrace your curves in all the right ways, and stop crying over the fact that you do not look like a Victoria Secret model for summer.  Not everyone can look like Adriana Lima, curves are sexy too. Dressing for your figure requires some patience and a positive attitude when it comes to swimsuit shopping. Because this is my blog and I can say whatever I like, here it goes… skinny bitches can shop anywhere & spend $10 on a bikini and look fab, if you are a size 10 or over YOU CAN NOT. A great bathing suit with the proper padding and support are expensive. Stop being cheap and get yourself into something that will make you look and feel great all summer long. You * do not*  have to cover yourself up in a swim dress or 1 piece, you do have some great high wasted bikini options with fierce style. Check out my fav curvy swimsuit picks for the season! All it takes is a little confidence and a base tan (no one looks good pale). 

Make sure your sandal game is on point! I LIVE in sandals all summer long and I normally buy about 15 pairs of kicks under $100 to mix and match with different suits but this season I am going to SPLURGE on that dream pair… can you guess which one I picked? 

Enjoy your #sundayfunday