I wanted to give you guys an inside look of JCK Las Vegas, and everything that it takes to make your presence in a sea of competitive jewelry companies.  Although we had a great time, this trip to Vegas was serious business. The Freida Rothman team has been prepping for JCK (the biggest jewelry tradeshow in the country) for almost 6 months now. The show takes place every year at the Mandalay Bay May Convention Center.  Every detail needs to be taken into consideration, there are so many pieces to the puzzle and behind the scenes action that goes into it. 

How will you design your booth? What will you do to the walls? What kind of lighting are you using? Where will you order the display furniture? How will you set up the layout? AND... most importantly, what will you do to stand out? EXHAUSTING! Lucky for me, I love my job and I am so thankful that I get to use my creative ideas everyday at work.  It also helps to have an amazing team and even better boss (no I don't get paid extra to say that). Freida is the definition of fabulous, a working mother of 4 and wife to the president of the company. She always remains calm and collected (I've never once heard her raise her voice) a talented designer and extremely fair/dedicated business woman. 

As Freida would say, "JCK is our runway, this is the jewelry industry's version of Fashion Week". Our brand participates in about 7 trade shows a year, and we always do our best to make a statement at each one. For JCK 2014 we decided to design our booth with a very boutique feel. The walls had 7 inch black and white horizontal stripes (OMG you should have seen my coworkers & I getting these bad boys up! I couldn't have done it without them). The logo was placed in the center, and the opposite wall consisted of vintage picture frames displaying jewelry. We even had a little black and white striped fishy (our new mascot) who we named Fraidy.

JCK was a complete success! I think the key to our great showcase is the amount of passion we all have for the brand. The Freida Rothman team works extremely hard and we always support each other.  This year taught me so may lessons and I am looking forward to improving some details for 2015.  Although it amazeee, I am so happy it's over! haha

Until next year! #VIVALAFREIDA