Behind the Scenes Look: FR Holiday Shoot

Behind the Scenes Photo Credit: Molly Torian

One of the many fun parts of my job is producing and organizing seasonal lookbook/campaign shoots.  Working in fashion is not always as glamorous as it looks,  it's long ours LOTS of dedication and learning to grow a thick skin. It's extremely hectic, you have to learn how to be a master of multitasking, and a 24 hour solution finder.  Especially when you are working with a large team, if you keep your cool and create a positive environment, everyone else will also do the same.  The more shoots I have under my belt, the easier it gets, and the better the results. 

Last Sunday we shot the Freida Rothman Holiday lookbook in Brooklyn at Freida's AH-mazing home. It's days like this that really put everything in perspective for me. I got to choose an out of this world team that literally made this day MAGIC.  Personally, the best part of shoots for me is seeing everything come together. You spend weeks planning, making sure every detail is perfect, finding the right crew/model, but actually watching it unfold in front of your eyes is priceless. 

This was the 1st time I ever shot a "lookbook" in a house. Usually it is always in a studio space, but I 
wanted people to see an inside look of Freida's life. Freida is a designer, wife, supper mom and mother of 4.  She is this ultra glamorous woman but she is also extremely humble and down to earth. I had to laugh because half way through the shoot Freida's in her kitchen preparing this fabulous gourmet lunch for the entire crew in her gown and heels lol she literally does it all! 

A very special thank you to my "dream team" for responsible for this season's magic! I can not WAIT to release the book in September, everyone stay tuned! 

Photographer: Andrew Werner 
Stylist: Sa'Diyya Dunkley 
Hair: Adam Maclay
Makeup: Melissa Formica 
Model: Anastasia, Q Models 
Clothing: Angel Sanchez 
Fur: Adrienne Landau
Behind the Scenes: Molly Torian
Assistant: Val Debonis
Videographer: Eric Bujnowski