Cosmopolitan Mag: Half Side Makeup #nofilter

Ok so it def drives me crazy when I see people post hashtags on insta #nomakeup #nofilter … NO offense but I'm not buying that BS. Try being bold enough to have half your face done and the other half with no makeup, and then have Cosmopolitan Mag show their readers! (and trust me this is no filter or extra editing) I don't wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis, I always try to keep it natural. I also never really leave my house without some bronzer, blush, mascara and gloss.  It was actually pretty cool to look into the mirror and see myself this way. I can appreciate the fact that I have good skin and do not need a ton of makeup to feel good about myself. I can also see that a little extra liner and color really accentuate my features. Like I said, no shame in that game honey! 

It was such a fun day and amazing experience to shoot with Cosmo in the Condenast building. Special thanks to the rockstar team for having me. Check out the full article here 

Cosmo Beauty Editor: Carly Cardellino| Makeup: Lauren Cosenza | Hair: Cash & Courtney Lawless 
Photos: Kathleen Kamhausen