A Day in the Life

I am completely lucky to wake up everyday and look forward to work. A wise man once told me if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. I get this funny question pretty much all time,  "so, what exactly do you do?", and that can sometimes be hard to answer because it varies on a daily basis.  The purpose of my blog is so much more then just outfit posts, I want to give an actual inside look into my world. My life is crazy, always exciting, sometimes stressful, but I would not trade it for anything. I am proud to say my full time job is Brand Director for Freida Rothman, and blogging is my hobby and an outlet to release my creative ideas.  I do not have a lot of extra time for shoots, and I do not want to neglect my blog, so I have decided to fuse the 2.  This post is dedicated to a full work day as Brand Director for FR, prepping or "pulling" looks for our 2014 lookbook campaign. 

My work days normally start with a 7AM alarm (sex and the city soundtrack of course) and getting my glam on. I believe that if you look good, you will feel good, and your overall day will be better.  I live in a 3 bedroom apartment with my cousin Britney, who I pretty much consider my sister. Our 3rd bedroom is known as "the closet", yes we are both fashion obsessed shopaholics and wanted our "closet" to look like a showroom. (we are not completely finished with it yet). She is probably the only person in the world I would ever share a closet or my beloved fashions/accessories with. 

I am supperrr anal about picking out my outfit the night before work, so I normally have it hanging in my "little" bedroom closet ready to go.  My accessories (jewelry, glasses, shoes, hats, scarves, handbags) are picked out the morning of.  After I feel great in my look I must have coffee to function, a quick email check, and then I am out the door in less then an hour. 

My 1st stop yesterday was the Dana-Maxx showroom (an amazing American ready-to-wear designer) located on west 28th street. I digitally pulled 27 pieces from her spring and fall collections prior to my pick up.  I love her pieces because they are trendy without "trying" to hard, and completely wearable. Dana-Maxx has dressed many different celebrities, been featured in almost every major fashion publication, and is the definition of a fashion power woman (who is also a Jersey girl!). 

The next stop was Ask Alice shoes uptown on 57th street. I literally felt like I died and went to shoe heaven when I entered the showroom.  Booties, pumps, open toe, pointy toe, leather, and suede filled the room. I LOVE their team, and was so happy to see everyone in the showroom and say hi. A very special thank you to Sebastian, Abigail, and of course my friend Alice. 

After packing up the car and navigating through Manhattan gridlock traffic, I made it back home to Jersey in time to finish some more emails (prepping for our ENK tradeshow layout) and make it BACK to Manhattan for 7pm,  just in time for Jingle Ball #whewwwww ….welcome to a day in the life. I could not have accomplished all of this without my amazing boyfriend Lukas, who is my partner in crime.  I am so lucky to have wonderful people in my life that are always there to support me and the craziness called the fashion industry.