The Art of Brunch: Birthday Edition!

This past Sunday, December 22, 2013 I celebrated my 25th birthday (which is really on Christmas day) at Little Town in Hoboken NJ. I choose to throw a brunch party this year, as I thought it was fitting to everything going on, especially the blog.  Every year my friends and I usually celebrate at a club or hotel in NYC, but this time around I wanted to bring the intimate celebration back to my Jersey roots. After doing brunch reviews over the past few months, Little Town by far takes the crown. Their casual vibe and homestyle food was the perfect spot for my party.  My guests were all old friends, college buddies, coworkers, and people that mater to me most. I am so grateful to my amazing mom and sister for helping out and putting this together with me. 

When it came down to my birthday outfit, my #1 priority was to look fabulous and feel comfortable.  I didn't want to wear anything too form fitting ( obvi because we were eating all day). I found this sequins "sweatshirt" off-the-shoulder dress from ASOS.  Anyone who really knows my style knows that I love anything with sparkle. It was the perfect choice, extremely comfortable, and made a statement. The weather was soooo warm on Sunday that tights and a jacket were not even necessary.  My booties were custom made by Brittany Scott Designs, I love the cut outs on the sides and the studded bow. My long gold "crystal ladder" necklace is by NYC based designer Alexis Gordon of Eklexic. The mercer cross necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings all by Freida Rothman. Last but not least, my "jovie" pleated tote is by Sienna Ray & Co. I def have to give a big thank you to my cousin Brit (and roomie) for doing my hair and makeup for the celebration.

Dress: ASOS | Shoes: Brittany Scott | Necklace: Eklexic | Handbag: Sienna Ray 
Jewelry (bracelets, earrings, rings, short necklace): Freida Rothman 

Thank you to my amazing family, good friends, boyfriend, and the awesome staff at Little Town for making my 25th birthday special! This is a big year for me and I know it is going to be my best one yet.