Freida Rothman Lookbook: Behind the Scenes!

This past Sunday we shot the Spring & Fall 2014 lookbooks for Freida Rothman in Brooklyn. It was a lot of planning and logistics the weeks prior, but watching everything come together the day of the shoot is simply magical. I love producing and organizing photoshoots, it is a very fun part of my job description. What makes the day even more magical is the amazing team we put together. Working with industry professionals really makes a difference, and you can tell in the photos. The clothing was pulled from a fab ready-to-wear designer Dana-Maxx, who has been featured in many fashion publications including Teen Vogue/Cosmo/Nylon/InStyle/Harpers Bazaar/Women's health… to name a few (not to mention all the celebrities who have worn her garments). The shoes were pulled from Ask Alice, an innovative shoe company with modernistic designs for the metropolitan lifestyle. 

The look and feel for Freida's spring line was light and airy, extremely playful and delicate. Our backdrop was light blue and all of the clothing were nuetral pieces. Our hair and makeup looks were natural, and lighting was bright. The spring line consisted of turquoise, mother of pearl, matte gold, and a lot of "luxure" layering. The models were all smiles and had some cool poses with movement. The fall lookbook shots really pushed the limit with darker/smokey makeup, top knot buns, and accents of fur and rich colors. Our backdrop color was cream, and the jewelry was directly on skin with a lot of up close tight shots. Our fall line was all about mixing metals (gunmetal and gold). Chunky cuffs, statement rings, pendant necklaces, midi rings, and bangles for days. There are a few consistent brand statements that stay from season to season, Freida Rothman jewelry is meant to be worn with layers and stacks. 

A special thank you to our dream team.
Our two beautiful models Tatiana and Hau are signed to Q Management in NYC. 
Photographer: Tyler | Makeup: Melissa | Hair: Denise
The lookbooks will be coming out soon, stayed tuned!